I thought of it for the first time today. When I spilled it off my wrist today, I saw it for the first time.

Each shower began with it. Taking the watch off, is a rule. 100 times a month, 1000 times a year I take it off. And I couldn't count how many people have seen me do it.

Just before I walk into the shower with them, after whatever it was that unrooted us, if we are covered in dirt. That is where we go after, that is where we all go.

Sam has watched me do it. Sam liked to shower after sex, and we would shower a few times a day. Because we very quickly we became two individuals that needed showers when we got together. Sam I remember fondly, when my watch was off around him I still felt safe. So while he ran the water, I would lay naked in his bed watching the fan spin. And when I am sure he is watching, as I'm sure he is watching; I let him catch me, so he watches it fall to the floor. Because it's where my pants and everything else is already, it will be easy to remember how to find it again.

So while we are in there I watching him with my full attention, because the soft dark light keeps me safe as we wash our bodies on each other. And I put it back on after, just close to nearly being sopping wet, I bend down to pick it up, because I know he is watching me do it. I have always loved this watch.

When Michael sees me do it he watches like a reptile. With less then 4 legs, he crawls around me. And with him I nearly forget to do it. His shower is surrounded by boy things, my watch is not wayward in the scene. I worry about losing it. But I do not, I never do. Still after, barely dry at all I wrap it back on. Twisting it with my eyes. I wonder who watches that, my eyes and lips as I do it..

Rj has seen me do it a lot. And with him I always frustrate and I rush through it. But he always wants to turn on the sonah, and by the end the watch may have well be submerged in boiling water.

Adam has watched me do it a million times and I feel nothing. I can barely remember it now, him and I in showers. I started wearing the watch in Israel and then again in Italy, where I fell in love with it. I was with Adam then, he saw the love develop and bloom and this is the first time I realized it. I never did before.

Then Sarah, the last one she has watched me. Because sometimes she is amazing, and she is always trying her best, I'm sure she has seen it.

It feels like now me and this watch have always been with each other, and a million people have asked me the time. This watch and I know a lot about each other. We know a lot about what it means to be who I am.

I always have the date. I, you author (or something that effect) always know the date!

And those are my stories, about my watch.