I know what it is; I feel like what it is to be a person now, not a result of my environment. I can see myself. I a person, a god child! As we all are, I do not believe in god. I am the footsteps in the sand, and the people I know at night. I am myself, a person. I am my denim jeans and unusual but provocative nature. I don't have to pick because I am more alive then that.

And I am those footprint dipping into the sand at the pique of it all. I have swallowing molecules and inhibited behavior. I think about it less now, what it's like to be a person.

I'm too afraid to find out how uneasy I am of her love. But I know she knows, I know she knows something that I cannot hide. But I love her and the excitement, and that is not wrong. When has my heart (my absolute whole heart) it is just that my poet likes the burn of a very hot fire. I am not losing myself, the poet already found one, and we will see if I tell her.

She takes good care of me; it is what it's supposed to be. I am exactly happy. She has done nothing to me, I am a tragic person. A great poet once said (or a great someone once said) "if not for adultery there would not be nearly as may poets and fiction writers". Something in lost, after a while. And someone must come in to spark it again.

The spark is inside my pussy.

And that, is the dirtiest thought I've had in years.

I have a soul, and I am an honest person. But some things I do, because I have always done them, and clearly I am not ready to stop.

This life I live and I have always gotten away with it.