Direction Of A Fool

I understand now that there was a miscalculation in my judgement
When I fell into the shadow side of me and allowed you to aid
My confidence in discovering a method to terminate the crepuscule,
But never did I envision you eventually attempting to rape my total sanity
Especially since I've told you numerous times how much I prize chasteness

And it is obvious that you are struggling in the war of love, but playing a
Side game of darts with my naive heart as the centre target is truly
The direction of a fool, especially since you could have just asked me
If I could fulfil your desire, showing consideration to my family who built
The foundation upon which has lifted me today as a woman of respect.

But even though our propinquity that moment had a high chance of traumatising
Permanently and a compressed wrath inevitably rages within my mind, I still emotionally
Feel sympathy for you because I can see how discouraging it is to only have a bag of bones
Thrown at you to appease your most demanding hunger, nevertheless, remember that God
Rewards patience and that honesty takes a lot less humiliation than what you tried on me.