WARNING: total smut.

(I have always been a pervert
wanted children, liked girls
fucked guys, sucked dick
eaten pussy. got it up the ass
more then once. fucked
all the pretty ones I found,
and others along the way.
I get all the ones and I want
without even trying)
and they just want to make me happy, they just want so bad to put it in me because I am so fucking fine. the tightest thing you've ever been in. I hear just nearly enough "fuuuuck coral," as they move in me. some time for the first time ever, all eleven of them.

I am sure the sexiest thing I will ever say, if I ever say it, will be "oh my god please stop, you don't understand how much I want this. it has been so long and I-I'm just so-" while I am either on top of him or under him. and I will be there, because I am that good; and my pussy will be against his thigh, awhile his dick crawls up my side. or his dick underneath me as I finally, finally give in to and start rubbing myself against his pelvis, his dick rubbing under my pussy.

and if we start that we will do it for hours, until he touches something else, until he can take no more because his dick has been hard for months over it that it feels like housing foundation and it's all suddenly completely worth it.

kyle you may be the luckiest boy in the world.