Chapter One

~*First Impressions*~


I'd already flunked grade twelve before. I guess that's why so many kids were looking at me with shock and terror in their eyes. No one expected me to return another semester to get the credits I needed. I was supposed to drop out and disappear so everyone could finally relax.

Well, tough shit.

I always loved the looks on the new kids' faces as they saw me coming through the halls. I could never quite tell who looked more scared: the older kids who knew of my reputation and thus scurried away when they saw me, or the minor niners who simply gaped and pissed their pants. I think that's what I like most about the first day back to school. The terror.

I knew I was intimidating to look at. I was good-looking enough to get a few girls who tried to 'change me' every year. I always told them to fuck off. I'm that tall, dark, and mysterious bad-boy type, after all. Messy dark hair, bark blue eyes, nice abs. I'm a pretty good catch, if I do say so myself.

I stomped down the hall, staring straight ahead. I could see people gaping and whispering as I passed by. Fuck them. They could whisper all they liked. Not like I gave a shit. It was the same thing every year. Even those who didn't know me knew to stay away.

I had been assigned a new locker, but I liked where my old one had been, so I went there instead. A nerdy-looking ninth grader was there, neatly organizing his books inside. A nerdy girl was standing next to him, and it was her that first saw me walk up to them. Her eyes went wide and she desperately tired to get the attention of her little friend. He had his back to me and didn't notice, so I stood there for a moment, annoyed and wondering what I should do with the little shit.

"Darren..." The girl squeaked to her friend. I almost smiled at how scared she was; almost.

I decided to end the agony, "Hey, shithead," I said to the nerdy boy. Finally, he realized I was there and whirled around in surprise. "That's my locker," I said to him.

"W-what?" He stuttered.

Jesus this kid was fucking stupid, "That," I said angrily, pointing at the locker he currently had open, "Is my locker."

"I-I-I was assigned..."

Fed up, I grabbed the locker door and slammed it shut loudly enough that I startled people halfway down the hall. The girl started to shriek but quickly cut herself off by slapping a hand over her mouth. The boy jumped and lost all the colour in his face. "I don't give a shit what locker you were assigned. This one's mine, so fuck off!"

The boy only managed to nod and grabbed his friend as they both dashed away. Everyone else was staring, but I ignored them and dumped the nerdy kids shit on the ground and put my cigarettes inside. The teachers always took them away when they found them on me.

Looking at my class schedule, I was pleased to see that I had Mr Kennedy for homeroom. Mr Kennedy was a super weirdo who barely spent any time in his own classes and occasionally let the students make up their own marks. He also frequently forgot to take attendance and just marked everyone present, which saved me some bitching from my mom. There was still five minutes before class started, but I decided to head over anyway. Sometimes, if Mr Kennedy was actually there, you could have an interesting conversation with him before class.

The crowds mysteriously parted before me as I headed to Mr Kennedy's classroom. I barely noticed, they always did that. Ever since I beat the shit out of Connor Matthews in tenth grade. The classroom was filling up quickly, and the seat at the back by the window was already taken. Not that it bothered me. I walked right up to the girl sitting in the seat I wanted and stood there for a minute glaring. "Move," I growled when she didn't bolt immediately.

The girl looked a little scared, but managed to get the balls to glare at me as she grabbed her bag and moved to an empty seat near the front of the class. Her friend, who had been sitting beside her, moved with her. Smirking to myself, I sat down and put my feet up.

As I expected, the bell rang and Mr Kennedy was nowhere to be seen. He wandered in five minutes late with a coffee and a donut, looking lost. He sat down at his desk and started sorting through some papers. He forgot to take attendance too. Good old Mr Kennedy. He asked a girl at the front to pass out some emergency contact forms, typical first day shit. I always liked how relaxing the first day was. It was easy, but still a good change of pace from doing shit all all summer. I was wondering who to put down as my emergency contact (last year I put the number for a local Burger King) when the door slammed open, causing everyone to jump, including Mr Kennedy.

"Who are you?" The teacher asked. Curiously I looked up, but I couldn't see whoever was standing in the doorway.

"Evie Davidson," a female voice declared confidently, stepping inside.

Ah, new kid. At least I thought it was a new kid. I never really paid much attention to people's names. When I got a glimpse of the girl, though, I knew I had never seen her before. Someone like that tends to stand out.

Her hair was black with a streak of bright green in the front. Her jeans were ripped, and not that stylish pre-ripped kind people were wearing. Actually ripped, and dirty too. Her boots were well-worn, her t-shirt was splashed with profanity and barely covered anything, and her jewelry looked like it was going to put someone's eye out. Even from the back of the room I could make out the ring in her nose and the tattoo on the side of her neck.

"Find a seat, Evie." Mr Kennedy said distractedly. He didn't seem to have noticed that she was late, or that her outfit broke several of the dress code rules. She headed to the back of the classroom, ignoring all the eyes that were on her.

"Freak," The girl I'd kicked out of my seat whispered to her friend, giggling. The new girl didn't miss a beat. Her foot swung out and connected hard with the girl's chair, making the whole desk skid across the floor a few inches. "You got something, to say to me, bitch?" She growled.

The girl blinked in surprise, and her eyes narrowed. "The hell's your problem?" She stood up from her chair and the classroom went suddenly silent.

This was starting to get good.

The new girl faced her down and opened her mouth to respond, but there was no way Mr Kennedy could ignore this. He cut them off before a real fight could start.

"Girls, please take your seats." His voice was stern, "I don't want to have to send you to detention on the first day."

That was enough for the bitchy girl at the front. She sniffed at the new girl and sunk back down into her seat. The new girl continued to her desk. There was only one desk left in the room: the one right next to mine.

"Hi," I said to her as she dropped her tattered backpack on the floor. I can be sociable sometimes. She seemed like the kind of person I wouldn't mind getting to know.

"Fuck off," she snapped back.

I blinked.

That was unexpected. No one had told me to fuck off since Conner Matthews in tenth grade, and we all know how that one turned out. Well, she was new, so I guess she wouldn't know about my reputation. The person sitting ahead of her looked like he was afraid she was going to bite him as he passed back the emergency contact form. She snatched it from him without a word and left it on her desk as she dug around for an mp3 player. She stuck the earbuds in and bobbed her head as she began folding the form. What the hell was she doing? I watched, intrigued as a shape began to form. She was pretty good at that origami thing. I neglected my own form as a I watched the paper transform into a precisely folded shuriken. The new girl carefully took aim and hurled the shuriken towards the front of the class.

Not only was she good at folding weapons out of paper, she had good aim too. I could hear the paper connect with the back of the bitchy girl's head.

I think I may be in love.

The bitchy girl jerked and spun around to see who had thrown it. She glared at the new girl, suspicious, but she was busy picking dirt out from under her nails. A sure sign of guilt if I ever saw one.

I couldn't help myself, I laughed, and the bitch's eyes turned to me. "What the hell, Mason?" she growled.

"Mr Jurassic," Mr Kennedy sighed.

"It wasn't me!" I protested, but there was still a stupid grin on my face. I tried to hide it but it was too late. The blame was on me.

"Throwing things in class already? Detention after class today."

"Oh come on! It's the first day!"

"Should have thought of that earlier." There was no budging Mr Kennedy. In trouble already, Mom would be pleased. And this time I really hadn't done it. I glanced over at the new girl, hoping maybe she would speak up. Of course she didn't, though. She stared back at me, her expression completely blank, but I thought I could see a trace of amusement there. Or maybe it was just me. Well, she was cute so maybe I'd forgive her, just this once.


That was scary. I had never, ever, ever my life done anything like that before! I had slammed a door at school. I 'd used foul language several times, I had gone to school with my belly showing! I could feel people staring at me, whispering. I suddenly felt very naked in front of everyone. I wasn't used to having to so many eyes on me. Especially not for anything negative. Scariest of all was that I couldn't figure out if I was terrified or exhilarated. There was something incredibly freeing about just doing the first thing that came to mind, with no thought to the consequences. How bad was it that I kind of liked being a bad girl? Telling off that bitchy girl in the classroom had felt good. I ducked my head to keep anyone from seeing the manic smile that was creeping onto my face. It would completely spoil the bad girl image I was building up for myself.

There was still some time before my next class, so I ducked into the bathroom to try and compose myself. I chose an empty stall and locked myself in. I sighed with relief as I leaned against the wall and tried to gather my thoughts. There was still adrenaline pumping through my veins. My heart was pounding. I focused on taking deep breaths to collect myself. My next class was English. That was something I was good at, out of necessity. But the new Evie would have to do poorly. That wouldn't go over well with Mother. Well, it was only for a week. Surely my grades wouldn't suffer that much. They never gave out important work in the first week.

I heard the two-minute warning bell go off out in the hall and immediately grabbed for my bag. Then I jerked to a stop. New Evie wouldn't be worried about being late for class. If I wanted to make a bad impression on my English teacher, being late for class was probably a good way to start. I relaxed and leaned back again, trying to think of other ways to get on the teacher's bad side. Mr Kennedy had seemed like a bit of a challenge. He was too mellow to really get me into a lot of trouble. He hadn't even given me a detention even though I'd almost started a fight in his class. I would have to try harder next time around.

That boy in my homeroom seemed to know how it was done. He had literally done nothing and still ended up in detention. He must have been building a reputation for himself for quite a while.

Suddenly I froze. Crap. That guy. That guy in my class! The teacher wasn't the only one I was going to make a bad impression on. The people in my class were subjected to the new me as well, and I got the feeling that guy was not one of the ones it was safe to be on the bad side of. Shit! What was he going to do about it? How angry was he? I had gotten him a detention on his first day of classes, and he hadn't even been guilty!

He hadn't tried to rat me out, either, but I wasn't convinced that was good sign. He may have been the type who liked to deal with his problems himself. Would he find me after class and beat me up? It was a possibility. I groaned loudly, I may have been getting myself in way more trouble than I was prepared to handle.

The bell rang again outside. I was now officially late for class. I supposed to be on the safe side I would just dash home as quickly as I could when school was over. I was trying to make a bad impression on these people, not get myself beaten up.

After a few more minutes I decided I could go to my next class. I had English next, and I cringed a little. My mother was an English professor, and I felt a little like I was betraying her, deliberately getting on the bad side of my teacher. I had to remind myself that she had agreed to this, and it was only for one week.

The halls were empty when I stepped out of the girl's washroom. The doors to the classrooms were closed and already in session. My heavy boots thudded against the floor as I walked, and I felt my nerves tingling all over. The clock said I was already ten minutes late. I couldn't believe it! I hadn't been that late for class since... since ever! I felt like someone was staring at me. My back itched between my shoulder blades, but I forced myself to remain calm and try to appear casual. I was a bad kid, now. Bad kids did not care if they were late, and they wouldn't be caught running through the halls trying to get to class on time. Taking a deep breath, I approached my English classroom and rehearsed what I was going to say to the teacher, and thought up a few more things I could do to firmly cement my impression as a 'troublemaker'.

I reached out and turned the door handle, trying my hardest not to look like I was hesitating. I pushed it open lightly and it swung open, clattering against the wall. The teacher stopped mid-sentence to glare at me. She was a professional-looking middle-aged woman in a pencil skirt and neat blouse tucked into her skirt. I saw her eyes sweep over me, disapproving. It made me a little angry that she would judge me so quickly but... that was what I wanted, wasn't it? Finding every ounce of courage I had, I scowled back at her and let myself inside.

"You must be Miss Davidson," She frowned, "Care to explain to my why you were late?"

I shrugged nonchalantly, "I had to take a shit." Oh crap, now why did I say that? The whole class broke out into giggles, and the teacher looked scandalized. I recalled from my schedule that her name was Mrs Vaughn.

"I'm not really interested in your bowels," Mrs Vaughn growled, "Find a seat." She looked like she wanted to hit me. I suppressed a wave of guilt and scanned the room for an empty desk. As I looked around, I was shocked to see that the boy from my homeroom class was there again, and he was smirking at me. I clenched my teeth and found a desk as far away from him as I could manage. I hung my backpack over the chair and slouched down. My mother always said that bad posture always made a horrible impression.

Mrs Vaughn quickly got the class back under control and started scratching on the board. I stared out the window longingly. This being a bad girl thing was harder than I'd thought. I felt there was something to be desired in my witty comebacks as well. Whose explanation for being late was that they had to shit? How had I even managed to say 'shit' in front of an entire group of people without blushing, anyway? What the hell was wrong with me? I wondered if it was already too late to back out. From the way the other kids were looking back at me and whispering, I thought it was.

As the class settled down, Mrs Vaughn passed back some papers on basic spelling and grammar, to see how much we'd retained over the summer break. Thanks to my father's summer homework, I'd retained an awful lot. I would probably be able to finish this in about five minutes.

"I need to make some photocopies," Mrs Vaughn was saying to the class, "I expect those worksheets to be finished by the time I get back. And please try to behave yourselves." She gave a pointed look back at myself and the boy from my homeroom class. What had that girl called him? Mason? I didn't meet her stare and tried to look busy finding a pen. As soon as she left there was a burst of activity from the class. Chairs immediately began scraping on the floor as people rearranged themselves to sit closer to their friends. The girl in front of me disappeared to the other side of the room to gossip with a girl by the door, but I didn't have any friends here. I wondered if my 'experiment' was going to doom me to being absolutely alone all year. I certainly hoped not. It was a consequence of my actions that I had not thought of earlier.

Since no one wanted to talk to me, I instead busied myself with answering the grammar questions. I was about halfway done when I realized what I was doing. I was supposed to be making a bad impression, bad! I could not be known to have perfect grammar. Scowling, I scratched out my answers and wrote a few wrong ones over top. It was still pretty clear, though, that I was getting the questions wrong on purpose. Frustrated, a drew a huge middle finger on the page and started to color it in with multicolored pencil crayons.

There was a short guffaw of laughter from in front of me that made me jump. Glancing up, I saw that Mason had made himself comfortable in the vacated seat in front of me. Had he seen me answering the questions correctly? I hoped not. That could lead to all kinds of questions about why I was pretending to be stupid, and it was clear to me that no one could ever find out about the experiment.

I could feel my face starting to heat up, and I quickly tried to force it down. I couldn't blush! Bad girls didn't get embarrassed! They got annoyed. I tried to change my expression into something more angry-looking, but I wasn't really sure how well I pulled it off. "What do you want?" I snapped at him.

Thankfully, Mason didn't seem to have noticed my awkwardness. "Just wanted to say hi."

"Well, you've said it twice already, so I guess you can go." Keeping up the angry face while I was simultaneously shaking in my boots was hard.

Mason frowned at me, "I'm Mason Jurassic," he told me, "I-"

"Let me guess," I cut him off. "You're kind of a big deal?"

Mason scowled at me, making me think that was exactly what he had been about to say. "I'm not the kind of person you want to be on the bad side of."

"I'm shaking in my boots," I said, rolling my eyes.

I could see the anger flaring up in his eyes. "You think I won't do anything to you because you're a girl? I was willing to extend the olive branch here, but if you're determined to be a bitch..." He shrugged.

I opened my mouth to retort, but at that moment, Mrs Vaughn returned to the classroom.

"Everyone back to your seats," She snapped. Groaning, the kids began to shuffle back to where they belonged, even Mason. Still, he made sure to send me a deadly glare before he left. Stubbornly, I turned my back on him and stared out the window. My hands were shaking. He had just threatened me! Not even lunch time yet, and already I was being threatened by a person whom I was quickly coming to believe was the most dangerous student in the school. I would probably need a security detail before this week was up.