Chapter 3

a half hour later they get up to the house finally and park and Lauren is setting the table when she hear's doors closing and runs outside.

''hey!!!'' she says excitedly running over to Marissa and engulfs her in a huge hug

''Mom!'' Marissa says hugging her back just as tightly

''oh man how are ya sweetie?'' Lauren asks her kissing her cheek and wiping it off

''great!'' Marissa tells her

''good come on lets get you inside dinner is ready and waiting.'' Lauren tells her wrapping her arm around her back

''okay sounds great.'' Marissa says going inside with her

Peter smiles getting her bag then follows them inside.

Marissa follows Lauren into the kitchen and looks around ''um can I help you with anything Mom?'' Marissa asks her

''no sweetie just sit relax here.'' Lauren says getting her a glass of water and puts it in front of her

''oh great thanks.'' Marissa says and takes a sip

''thirsty?'' Lauren asks her

''majorly.'' Marissa tells her

''so how were your flights today hun?'' Lauren questions her

''fine.'' Marissa tells her

''that's good.'' Lauren says

''yea so what are we having for dinner?'' Marissa asks her

''um chicken,vegetable's,and my avacado salsa with the lime chips.'' Lauren tells her

''sounds yummy and very healthy.'' Marissa says

Peter comes into the kitchen.

''hey.'' Peter says kissing Lauren

Lauren kisses her him back ''mmm hey sweetie.'' Lauren says

''just put your bag in your room.'' Peter tells Marissa

''okay thanks dad.'' Marissa says watching her dad help Lauren get/put dinner on the table

''you guys are so in love even more in love than when I left?'' Marissa asks her playfully

Lauren smiles and turns red ''yea.'' Lauren says with a shy smile

Lauren and Peter sits down with Peter kissing her hand.

''so what's going on with you two?'' Marissa asks her

''nothing why?'' Lauren questions her

''you're just so lovey dovey.'' Marissa says

''well we are married and we do love each other a lot.'' Lauren tells her

''I know that.'' Marissa says