Disclaimer: Any similarities between any aspect of my story and other stories, real people, places, etc. are purely coincidental. (Don't know if it's need, just thought I'd add it anyway.)

This is yet another English class assignment. But this one has an interesting story behind it… So, I am notorious for being very unromantic (I like to say that I'm not very romantically inclined.) My English teacher assigned an internal dialogue, so I did a story about a girl with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder- aka MPD, multiple personality disorder) but just for fun I typed this up and handed it in without a name on it and had a friend in a younger grade write on the bottom "sorry It's late!". My teacher likes to read the stories out loud in class (not telling the names of the authors without their consent) because my class has a lot of excellent writers. She had read quite a few good stories and then she said that she was going to read one that she really liked, but didn't have a name on it and she didn't recognize the handwriting. Once she had finished, she asked who's it was, and my friends (who I had told about it) said that it was mine. She didn't believe them! I had to show her the handwritten copy. She was shocked. She really should know by now that she can only expect the unexpected. ;) Hope you enjoy it. PLEASE review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Alright Sir, half a dozen long-stemmed red roses to be delivered to that address. Is it her birthday?"

"No, I just wanted to buy her roses."

"Just because?"

"Yeah, just because I love her."

The florist smiled. "So, what do you want the card to say?"

'What do I want the card to say? That tiny thing is called a card! What can you say in such a small space? There is barely enough room to say hello! How can I tell her how much she means to me when the space is so small? How can I tell her that I love everything about her? That I love the way she wrinkles her nose when she yawns. That her smile makes the whole world happy. That when the sun shines on her hair it makes a halo around her head just like an angel. Or how her blue eyes captivate and mesmerize me. How I like to hold her close and wrap my arms around her waist. How I love to feel her pulse knowing that her heart is pumping fresh blood through her veins. I love to rub my thumb across her soft cheek when we kiss. How I love to run my fingers through her soft hair. How she always smells wonderful like a garden of the sweetest blossoms. I want to remind her of the time we danced together under the stars barefoot in the dewy grass for hours simply lost in each other's eyes. How I still have the dandelion she gave me at the park pressed between the pages of a dictionary. How I--'

"Um, sir?"

"Oh! I'm sorry. I was just thinking. Why don't you just put 'I love you.' I can't think of what else to put. The feelings just can't be put into words."


Yes, I know it's is extremely cheesy and kind of stupid, but it's my very first romantic story EVER. I think it gets better as it goes along. Reviews are extremely appreciated. Tell me what you think! PLEASE?! (And if you guys want, I can post the other story I mentioned. The one about the girl with DID. It wasn't half bad actually. Just let me know via review or PM.)