Chapter 1

One day at the WB Lot Lauren and her tired daughter Hailey have just pulled up to Lauren's parking space and Lauren looks over at her daughter putting her hand gently on her thigh.

''hey sweetie you okay?'' asks her even though her daughter is listening to her ipod

''mmm sleepy.'' Hailey tells Lauren

''I know hun come on lets go put our stuff inside then find your daddy.'' Lauren tells her

Hailey nods grabbing her backpack and follows Lauren into her trailer throwing her bag down on the couch and Lauren does her stuff she does when she first gets there.

''okay ready sweets?'' Lauren asks her

''mmhmm.'' Hailey moans

''okay come on.'' Lauren tells her

They leave Lauren's trailer together and Lauren locks it and they start walking around the set of Gilmore Girls trying to find Scott and see him and Alexis filming a scene in Luke's.

''oh.'' Lauren says gently pulling Hailey to the side so the camera's don't accidently get them in the back round

''come on we can't go in there right now. Come on lets go say hi to Auntie Melissa.'' Lauren tells her

''okay.'' Hailey says and follows her

They go to Melissa's trailer together and Lauren knocks on the door.

Melissa opens the door ''hey guys come on in how are you?'' Melissa asks them giving them both a kiss on the cheek and a hug letting them inside her trailer closes the door

Hailey lays down on Meliss'a couch and turns on cartoons

''we're good.'' Lauren tells her and gets 2 little bottles of water out of her fridge and takes one over to Hailey ''here kido drink.'' Lauren tells her handing it to her and goes to sit with melissa at her table

''so how's everything going with..?'' Melissa questions her

'fine we just came from an appointment so that's why she's tired.'' Lauren tells her

''so what are the doctor's saying?'' Melissa asks her taking a cip of water from her mug

Lauren just shrugs ''I don't know.'' Lauren says let down

''I just really need to talk to Scott.'' Lauren tells her

''awe sweetie I know you do.'' Melissa tells her

''I'm just so tired of her being sick and knowing she's probably never going to get better and I just don't want her to suffer anymore.'' Lauren tells her

''shh I know sweetie.'' Melissa rubs her back trying to comfort her

Lauren lets it out but is quite enough not to worry Hailey.

''okay I'mg onna go and try to find Scott can you...?'' Lauren asks her with Melissa cutting her off

''watch her? Yea sweetie go.'' Melissa tells her

''okay thanks hun.'' Lauren says kissing her cheek

''okay sweetie Mommy will be right back.'' Lauren tells Hailey

Hailey looks up from the couch and nods.

Lauren smiles and leaves the trailer and goes to Scott's trailer and knocks.