"Not only 'mI here with you,..
I am further than."
..."Sorry to have brought you
Something... you're beyond."

It would, in wade of pedant pleasure,
commence forebode with eldest measure,
Adding left
and left
like Refutation when no one's there...

accepting: symmetry's
'a recognized pursuit
...of influence,'..
this mirrored aspect bring
irrespective of how infinitesimal decay,
an indignant indebted complacency...

where arbitrarily more is refinement
if 'a meeting of far cries'...
supplicate manifold for these bosh exponents
aloft their kin,
penitent orisons of 'Simply lost'
in forgiving tree of structure...

..."Would it be worth my expression
to you
to have you...
So I'm not conscious of the counting?..
...Of seconds going by...

only in-'act,' itself... of
making a moment?

...And call it,
"That much More, You, Near
At any Cost."