sometimes he smiles at me, as if he knows
so i smile back, merely pretending
lovely, innocent and unknowing
and close my eyes, 'cause that's how it goes

sometimes he talks to me, as if he sees
me glancing at him whenever he's there
searching carefully to see if he's where
i want him to be, silently, in peace

sometimes he stares at me, as if he loves me back
so i humour him, pretend to believe his lies
all those things he says to relieve me of my cries
of my misery and thoughts of death in the sack

sometimes he is cold to me, as if he hates
being a part of this big childish game we play
so i keep rebuilding my dreams, but they decay
i know, i know, we will only be best mates

sometimes he hugs me, as if he cares
and i want to believe that it is true
all i would do for him, that i pursue
only his happiness and how he fares