Title: Murphy's law
Fandom: original drabble
Pairings: mentions of slash
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100ish
Prompt: original, original slash, zombie apocalypse

"Oh, fuck," Devon muttered as the gun jammed. Of course, because Murphy is sodding bastard, that's when the alpha noticed him.

Rick assured him that the zombies weren't sentient, that they were all instinct, but Devon had his doubts, watching the alpha goddamn grin as it clicked some signal to the rest of the pack.

That was definitely intelligence in its dark eyes and he switched out his piece-of-shit pistol for another.

This hunt had been a favor for Rick, since his sister had to choose today of all days to give birth, and he would owe Devon about a dozen blowjobs and breakfast in bed for a week, if Devon survived.