Alarms sounded in the halls of the barracks Trackers resided in, calling them all to an order they had seen coming weeks before. They knew the nesting dragons had been alarmed; they had just been waiting to see if it was true. Turns out it was. They were missing dragon eggs.

Not only did that mean they were missing future members of their culture, but it meant there was a strong chance of their secret society being discovered.

Adia pulled on her clothes as she rushed from her apartment along with everyone else in the building. No one was surprised they were calling all of the Trackers together, including those who had graduated into the ranks that summer. They all lined up outside, their commander already there.

"You all know what's going on. Seven dragon eggs were stolen. It is up to you guys to find it. Your dragons have you assignments, and you all know your partners. Go fetch."

Adia spun around and looked right into the beautiful, bright blue eyes of her stunningly gorgeous blue eyes. Her best friend, Taiyls, looked down at her and smiled.

"Ready?" She asked.

"As ready as I'll every be." Together the two women ran off to the beaches where the dragons.

They were greeted by their giant beasts, both twice the size of large horses. One was a dark, steely grey, the other an almost white shade of silver. Adia placed an affectionate hand on the grey, while Taiyls was nuzzled by her silver.

"Where are we headed, Keajht?" Adia asked her dragon.

"We are being sent to the Americas." He answered in his deep voice.

Taiyls climbed onto the shoulders and back of her own companion. "We'll grab our packs, and be off. Sound good?"

The silver's head twisted around on her long neck to look at her rider. Wonderful. She replied telepathically, having been born with no voice.

Within the hour, the pair took off into the sky, off to hunt down what their society had lost. Hopefully before one of the eggs, or worse one of the hatchlings, were found.