We all grew up on fairytales,

On nursery rhymes and fables.

Stories of good and evil;

Where good always prevails.

The lonely princess oh so fair,

Is locked away without a care,

Until a dashing prince does come,

And rescues the princess oh so fair;

With true love's first kiss.

So is it my fault?

Even now?

I'm supposed to be an adult;

Childhood, take a fucking bow.

You can't believe in fairytales,

Or nursery rhymes or fables.

Don't leave your shoe at the ball Cinders,

You won't expect to see it again.

And Snow White? Once you're dead that's that!

Not even a kiss can bring you back.

You have to stop believing now,

Childhood? Time's up, take a fucking bow.

You're good; you're evil, who gives a fuck?

You can't win at life, it's all down the luck.

So, the princesses die,

And so to the knights.

The darkness isn't always replaced by light.

And people don't live happily ever after.