Chapter Forty One

"Happily ever after. It is the statement that ends so many fairytale movies and

books. I never thought that I might be lucky enough to find this, I never thought

that I would possibly be thinking about the words happily ever after for myself.

I have gone through so many relationships, many of which were doomed from the

beginning and then I started one that should have been even worse, but it

didn't wind up that way. That is why I am leaving the sports section and

I am moving on to work as the creative writing director at a new magazine,

centered in Dallas."

-Kasey Marshall, The Dallas Morning News, Sports Columnist, 12 February 2009

Six Months Later

Aiden adjusted his tie for what must have been the fiftieth time since he had put on his tuxedo, almost an hour ago. The wedding was supposed to start in about five minutes, but his nerves refused to cooperate. He was still scared that she might decide not to marry him, that she would figure out that it was not worth it. Every time he had said that she had just smiled at him and given him a kiss. Right now she couldn't do that, he had to tough this out on his own and that was something that he was absolutely horrible at.

Kasey paced behind the oak doors as Addison and Steven gave her an amused look. Neither of them had ever seen Kasey like this before, that only proved how much she cared about the man that she was marrying. She looked beautiful, but they knew she only cared about what Aiden thought of her and she was worried about what he would think of her dress.

It was one thing to think about marrying a demigod, it was another thing to actually do it. None of her family knew about his powers, they felt it would be safer to leave it that way for now. If she ever got powers, they might tell them the truth of his past. She stood there and took a final look at herself in the mirror. She loved her dress, the way that it hugged her curves and showed just enough skin to make Aiden's eyebrows shoot up when he'd see her. At least, that is what she hoped would happen when he saw her.

Kasey heard the wedding march begin and she looked over at her father who gave her a weak smile. She knew that he had not expected to have to do this so soon after Addison's marriage, but here he was. Her father liked Aiden, which was a small miracle in her book, he had never liked any of the other guys that she had dated. She steadied herself before nodding and they began walking down the aisle.

Aiden's breath caught as he saw her looking up at him with a smile and he felt himself fall even harder for the woman that he loved. He was sure that all his groomsmen could clearly see it, as Erik gave him a knowing smile. He smiled as Kasey took his hand and he shook his head before she mouthed 'I love you' and they turned towards the preacher. This was just the first step to the rest of his life.

Kasey and Aiden swayed in time to the music, oblivious to the other couples on the makeshift dance floor. She had her head resting on his shoulder, where she would occasionally lift it and give him a kiss. They had seen their families and had done the mandatory pictures with everyone, now they were just enjoying themselves. Their honeymoon would start whenever they felt like leaving, Aiden had his jet waiting for them, they had finally decided that Greece would be a wonderful place for a honeymoon, mainly because Kasey wanted to learn more about his heritage and he had finally conceded that it might be a good idea.

"Kasey, Aiden. Can I have a moment?" Zeus asked as they exchanged a glance then nodded, before following the man away from the dance floor. "I wanted to give you my wedding present."

"Zeus, you didn't have to..." Kasey began as he placed the box in her hands and she slowly opened it. Her body was flooded with warmth as she staggered back a few steps and Aiden wrapped his arms around her as she glowed an eerie shade of white. The glowing slowly subsided and she was able to stand on her own again, but everything stood out in vivid contrast. It was like her vision had suddenly been cleared of all ailments that she had ever had.

"What did you do?" Aiden asked as Zeus smiled over at him.

"I took some of the less significant god and goddess powers and pooled them together, which now makes Kasey a goddess. A goddess of protection," Zeus said as Kasey's mouth fell open and she stared at him.

"I don't know what to say," Aiden said as Kasey regained her motor skills and gave Zeus a hug.

"Thank you, now he doesn't have to worry about losing me," Kasey whispered as Zeus smiled down at her. Neither of them knew, but she was already carrying his first of many grandchildren. He was not sure if this was the one that would take over Olympus, but that didn't matter. He had waited far too many millennium for grandchildren that would make him proud.

"Take care of my grand-baby," Zeus said before he disappeared and Kasey gave Aiden a sidelong glance.

"He can't be serious," Kasey said as Aiden shrugged and pulled her back to him as he placed his hand over her non-existent stomach and she saw his face light up. He could admit that he had never really wanted a family, at least he hadn't wanted one until he met her. Kasey had changed so many things about him and that was just one of them.

"So what if he is? We're married, you're a goddess and no one will be the wiser that you and I had sex before we were married. And if they do have a problem with that, I'll take care of it," Aiden said as she laughed and leaned in to give him another kiss. The last year had been one of the toughest that either of them had ever experienced, but it was what got them here and they rather liked this place.


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