Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: T. mature audiences please
Characters: Chris and Estelle from Without Light
Warnings: Slash, M/M Sexual situation.

"Lay down."

Estelle obeyed, stretching as he lay back on the comfortable, powder-soft grass, and Chris immediately joined him. His body moved on instinct, blanketing the slight, submissive form of his precious companion before he recaptured those watermelon-pink lips. His dark, lustladen sapphire eyes slid shut of their own accord as those silken arms brushed past his neck, wrapping around, and he allowed Estelle to pull him closer. Their bodies met, chests pressed tightly together, but he pointedly ignored the rest, for now. Estelle's tongue met his own, and the two almost seemed to dance, eliciting sweet, gentle moans and still more passionate response. Estelle sounded his most irresistible at times like these, with his dove-like, cooing pleasure and earnest desires melting into their kiss.

Each, tiny little sound made Christian feel only more fiercely hungry and the heat between their tightly joined bodies seemed to double with every passing second. He barely felt the weight on his knees, but began to regret his current position. He'd foolishly knelt with one knee on either side of Estelle's waist, and so could not yet reach the precious, heated warmth between those porcelain legs. Instead he settled for worshiping everything he could reach, allowing his hands to wander along every warm, silk-soft inch of this gorgeous, trembling body.

Source: "Christelle" an upcoming, M-rated, reader requested one-shot! If you have requests of your own, feel free to ask!

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