Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Characters: Heather and her dragon master: Kuroshi
Warnings: None

"Can I-" It was difficult, just to speak, but she wanted to touch him too, if he'd let her.


She wasn't even sure how he'd managed to talk with his tongue sliding up her arm, but asked anyway. "Is it okay if I pet you?"

He chuckled, and it was only then that she caught onto the irony in this situation. Her master was nearly sitting in her lap, fully subdued by his fascination with covering her in wet kisses, and he actually groaned aloud when she really did put a hand on his head. He loved it. She absently raked her fingers downward, knocking the rubies out of his hair, but Kuroshi didn't mind. He released her arm and nuzzled closer then, flat out purring as he buried his face into her neck, and Heather fought another urge to flinch. She could feel his hot, heady breath and noticed when his hands clasped her hips, but couldn't stop just yet.

Source: Without Light chapter 16