One Last Secret

Tell me why,
why did you choose to go?
everything has fallen now
you don't even know

I was your best friend
loyal and true
you were always there
whenever I needed you

We climbed over those walls
we tore down that fence
that feeling of invincibility
I've never felt it more intense

You told me things
you had never shared before
secrets, dreams, worries, fears
you weren't alone anymore

But then everything changed
you wanted to "reinvent" yourself
in reality
you became someone else

"I will never be like them"
I remember you once said
but that's what you became
all our promises, you then fled

I had one last secret
to share with you my friend
I loved you
a feeling I desperately wish could end

So, my friend
why did you choose to go?
my heart is in pieces
I loved you, you know