Forever, forgotten, for longing, for lodging.

Is this good? Is it good, I ask?

Swept up in all the colors of this life, and swept up in the complexity of these lies.

Never ending, never mending, always sending,

"b-but I love you!"

But nothing.

Cacophony, your voice, cacophony, cacophony.

Oh how I love a good cacophony.

Lessons loved are lessons learned (But [lessons learned are lessons] earned)

Whisper, whisper, will o' the whisper.

(I shall whisper sweet nothings, and as in name, they mean nothing.)

Not a thing. No thing. Nothing.

Is that what we are? Oh I ask, is that what we are?

The light reflected off your face is l(ight fallen from grace)ovelier than-

than? And then? Then again, remember when?

Blind as a bat, you are, to the world around you (so really, you aren't blind at all).

Can you hear them? Mocking? The mocking birds are coming for you, dear. They're coming. (can you hear them?)

And they'll try so hard (ever so hard) to imitate that (lovely) cacophony you seem to simply breathe (in[side you'll find, though, there's an ever-present silence] and out, in[side] and out).

"Until the sun rises on this deathly day, do we cry and do we pray? With every part of our hearts? Forever this way?" you ask, cacophony yet again, the thousandth diamond tear falling into place.

Smiling up at the clouds (you believe it, don't you? Those lies? My love?), your tears finally stop (my heart, on the other hand, writhes in immoral glee).

What kind of world do we live in, where sunshine can evaporate even the deepest blood red?

(A dark, dark world.)

Filled to the brim (like a broken tea cup) with hate, with malice, and so much animosity. But you can('t) hear it, so why bother? (You monster, you monster.)

But then again, I can('t) hear it, so the hypocrisy is all on me.

Isn't it perfect? You, and I? A perfect cacophony (like your voice).

Let's hope we (never) heal.


I... got bored, saw the epic stuff Emerge Skylight Nouns has been doing, and decided to take a shot. As you can see, it didn't go well.