Okay, here's the story. I just wanna let you know that only about 2% of this story was my dream. The dream made absolutely no sense and writing it out killed my mood. So, instead, I wrote out a collaboration of all my "Zack-fiction". This turned out MUCH better.

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, some of this dates back to, like, June, when he first started talking to me. ...Yeah, you'll be able to tell.


Texas A&M sure was a beautiful campus. Nothing at all like the High School or Elementary School I went to. Sure, it was alike in the sense that I could separate the Jocks from the Nerds, but I was referring to how there weren't any "Ghetto" kids or Stoners. The ones that chose to slack off during school, the ones that thought getting a 15% in a class on average was funny, they'd never make it here. That was fine by me though, those were the kids that didn't deserve to be here. They didn't get it: hard work in school equals less work in the future.

A freshman in collage, man. Can you believe it? It felt like just yesterday I was a freshman in High School...

I turned a corner to reveal the best part of the whole campus. The Memorial Fountain was definitely the center piece of the school, that's for sure. I think a lot of students would agree, they just wouldn't admit it.

I sighed when I saw the usual group of girls huddled in a group. And who, you ask, is in the middle of them all? Zack Wolf, who else?

I hated trying to get through when those bimbos were around. One time, Zack and I were running late for class and the girls wouldn't move. So I grabbed his arm and started navigating out of the crowed. Guess what one of them did. She scratched me! My arm bled forever! But I guess I kind of asked for it:

Hot Boy + Air Heads = OUCH (always)

I was considering going back around the corner and texting him to meet up with me at the Starbucks in a few seconds but it was too late; he'd already seen me.

I knew this because his lips had pulled back, up over his teeth. I waved and silently begged that none of those girls tried to follow his gaze back to me. I'd probably end up getting jumped or turn up missing. Yeah, collage girls are crazy.

Turning his attention back to face the girls, he said something that made half of them blush and the rest giggle like the school-girls they are.

I sighed, that's Zack for ya. It was the truth; Zack was the definition of a Lady Killer and he knew it; we all knew it.

He was walking towards me now, that big grin plastered on his face.

"Hey Esther, how ya doin' buddy?"

I shook my head playfully, "You really have no self-control, huh?"

He laughed, "I don't know what you're talking about. They came up to me, not the other way around."

He was probably right. Besides, I've seen it happen before and not just at school! Once we were at a Coffee Shop, working on our project for Calculus. I was typing out our research paper and Zack was going to get himself his favorite—pumpkin flavor coffee—and he was gonna get me a Strawberry Smoothie.

I remember wondering why it was taking him so long. He came back just about then, placing his cup down, then mine, then a single napkin with a phone number on it. I remember that I'd looked up at the cashier and watched as she took someone else's order but stared at the back of Zack's head the entire time.

That is one day I will never forget.

"Hold these," I said dropping my books in his arms. If it weren't for his fast reflexes, I'm sure he would have let them drop to the ground.

He stopped walking, glaring at me, I'm sure. I wouldn't know, I kept on.

"Come on, Zacky! Let's get you your coffee."

"Don't call me that," he grumbled. I'd forgotten! I smacked my forehead then turned around, armed with a million and one apologies. He arched an eyebrow, "Chill out, just don't do it again."

"I'm so sorry," I pulled out the wallet in my purse, "Coffee's on me."


"I'm thirsty, you want anything?" Zack asked, tossing his homework to the side.

"Orange juice, please." I answered refusing to look up from my math. Math was something you had to do all at once; you couldn't just stop in the middle of working a problem. Or at least I couldn't.

When I finished up the problem I was on, I got up to join him in the kitchen. He sitting up on the counter, hunched over and legs spread. I hate when guys sit like that! It's always a distraction.

He pointed at the cup on the table still sipping at his. I pulled out a chair and we drank our juice in silence.

"Wanna sleep with me?" Zack asked randomly. I gasped causing the Sunny-D to go down the wrong tube. Instantly I began choking. This wouldn't stop me from asking for clarification.

"W-what?" I wheezed out.

He leaped off the counter, eyes wide, and began rubbing my back. "Not like that," he saves and my nerves are settled a bit. "I mean, do you wanna spend the night?"

I nodded. Sometimes I wondered if he purposely miss phrased things just to see what reaction he could get out of me.

Glory, but that sure got my heart poundin'! Could you blame me? What if the hottest guy at your school asked you to sleep with him? Yeah, I thought so.


"Hey Zack," I knocked on his bedroom door. "Can I come in?"

"You sure can! It's open."

I pushed the door open and stared at him for a good ten seconds before swirling around the other way. My face is on fire and my eyes are squeezed shut.

"What the hell Zack? I asked if I could come in!"

"Yes, you did." I can just hear the smile in his voice. He just loves making smart-ass comments.

"Well, if you said I could come in, why the hell are you naked?"

"Clothes man," he started. "They're just so restricting. I mean, why wear 'em in my own home? Gotta get comfy."

I was just about ready to explode. I guess it was embarrassing because I knew if it were the other way around, if I were the one in my birthday suit, he wouldn't really care.

"Could you do us all a favor?" I asked.

"Another one, you mean?" Yes, I thought, because you showing off your man glory was such a big favor for me.

"Zack, put on pants... please."

He sighed in annoyance, "Fine."


Sleeping in the same bed as Zack sure was weird. Just being under the sheets with him made my mind spark with thoughts that seriously shouldn't have been there. Whenever I thought like this I had to remind myself of 3 things: 1 - He's eighteen, 2 - He's gay, and 3 - He's taken.

His homosexuality didn't bother me. No, not even a little, it was the fact that I always forgot that did. And what bugged me ten times more was that he was my buddy. Glory, my virtual best friend! Something about crushing on a buddy always felt like... like crushing on a brother or somethin', ya know? Aw damn, no matter what I do, I'm always gonna dig him like that; the damage is done.

Zack breathed hard then turned over. Even in his sleep he was cute. Actually, I think he was cuter, like my 2-year-old brother. He looked so much younger; so much more innocent. He'd taken his glasses off earlier and placed them on the nightstand. He sure looked different and that was the main reason why.

He really doesn't deserve all the shit in his life, I thought. He's so young, too young to be burdened with even half the things going on.

I tried to imagine myself put in his place. If my dad had died when I was young, if my mom was had cancer, if my best friend had AIDS... Just the thought made me tear up.

That was reality for him and he still gets up every morning. I respected him for it; he was my hero for it.

Before I realized it, I'd reached out to stoke his hair. Soft wasn't enough to describe the locks slipping trough my fingers. He wouldn't ever let me touch it if he were conscious. His hair is his crown.

Glory, don't I sound like a creeper! Watching him sleep? Touching him in his sleep for god sake!

I turned over to face the wall. If I was ever gonna get any sleep, staring at Zack the whole night wasn't gonna help.