Fall Yesterday, Rise Again Today

Friends of China hear me out,
we may be different,
in our genetic makeup,
but trust me with this fact,
this bitter, gruesome truth,
that we do indeed share,
something in common -
invasion by the same country.

There's nothing such as,
less damage done,
for all rampaged cities,
loose equally as much.
For all overruled countries,
lost equally as many lives.

Entertainment of the soldiers,
psychological blows on the people,
rotated between stranger men,
babies stabbed by bayonets,
or a massive beheading battle?
All I can see from these actions,
are the lack of knowledge,
those workers and leaders held,
gaining immense pleasure,
from taking life of their own species.

Lets' not dwell on it any further,
for the citizens living in today,
are just as innocent,
as our ancestors then.
We should forgive,
not those leaders then,
but the members of that country,
living in present times,
who are just as innocent,
as all our living sisters yesterday.

A/N: For all the victims of war whether in China or Singapore.