Yeah, I know what you're thinking: ANOTHER story? What about the other ones? Well, I really wanted to see how this one would do... so here it is... I've been thinking about it for a while. :)


The woman silently stared at her coffee with no interest. Even though she had asked for it, her intentions were not to drink it. She only watched it, no ripples or bubbles forming of anything to catch her eye. The woman's eyes watered up as she mixed it a little and seven tiny bubbles appeared. She slowly rubbed her oversized belly as one of the tears managed to escape.

"What are we going to do... we can't support them..." the woman said, pure sorrow exposed in her voice. The man sitting across from her, who had been staring at his fingers, slowly lifted up his head and sadly glanced at her. Shrugging, he looked down at his lap. The woman continued on.

"We don't have a lot of options. We'd only put them in suffering if we... kept them... And I'm not going to abort."

The man slowly nodded, agreeing, and added, "There's always adoption. We can make sure they can get great families." The woman covered her face with her left hand and stifled a sob. "Even if it's not us. Honey, we must do the best we can for them," her husband tried to convince her. The woman began to cry hysterically, shaking her head. "No, no, no, no..." she murmured, "they're mine, they're mine... Nobody else can have them. They're mine!"

The husband rose to his feet and sat beside the woman. "Honey, what choice do we have? Do we really want them to have terrible lives as us? They can do so much better, sweetie." The soon-to-be mother sniffled and hugged her husband, crying onto his shoulder. The husband patted her back. "They will be beautiful. Everyone will want them, good thing there is going to be seven of them." He tried to joke, but she didn't find it funny.

After several moments, the woman stopped crying. Instead, she gasped, struck, engulfed in pain. She became dizzy, about to faint. She closed her eyes, gripping her husband tightly on his shirt. She could only mutter, "They're coming..." before the husband shot up, screaming for assistance to pick up his wife.

* * *

The woman woke up with sweat steadily forming on her forehead. She glanced around the room with a sense of shock. Her husband was soundly asleep beside her in a chair. There were several cribs in the other corner of the room. Her stomach had greatly decreased in size. Relieved, the woman layed her head back down on her pillow. Her husband did not stir.

'Names,' she thought, 'They need names.' With this thought in mind, the woman woke her husband up. His eyes fluttered open as she patted on his hand. He seemed happy to his wife awake. He kissed her hand gently. "Hey, sweetie," he said. The woman blinked at him and looked back at the cribs. "Ashley," she said.

"What is it?"

"Ashley," she replied. The man looked at the cribs. "Why, it's a nice name," he said, "and the others?"


"I know, we can name one of our daughters Ashley, but the others...?" the man asked. The woman stared at the cribs. "Ashley," she repeated. The man looked confused. "Honey," he began, "we can't name all seven of them Ashley."

"Ashley." The man looked bewildered. "Ashley..." he repeated, as if trying to figure out what she was meaning to say. "Yes, Ashley," the woman said stubbornly. She gazed up at the ceiling, her eyes wide and frantic. "Honey?" the man asked, grabbing her head. She choked on her words. "Ashley..." she repeated for the seventh time. Her last breath was caught in her lungs. All became quiet. Suddenly, her eyes looked upon her husband, and she weakly smiled.

"I-I love-" she couldn't get it out. Her head rolled to the side, and her eyes closed. The husband began to scream again, waking up Ashley.

Well? Hope it's good so far... longer chapters to come!