Chapter One

Maya carefully shut the ancient books of spells by Xavier Bloodrose as she watched her majestic amethyst eyed raven perch on her small, wooden windowsill. On its leg was a letter from her school, BlackRose Academy, for the Magically Gifted. The only place didn't care that she was the twin of Daniela or that she was weak health wise. Her magic made up for that loss.

Sitting up, Maya stretched her right hand out as the raven, Aerith, landed carefully so not to injure his companion. Untying the letters from his leg Maya whispered, "Please watch out so Daniela doesn't come in."

Aerith took off and resumed his post as guardian as Maya began to open the letters. Just as she started reading, her cell phone started to ring. Glancing at the caller she answered it saying, "Hey Malik what's up?"

Malik's concerned voice rang from the other end, "Are you alright? They haven't harmed you have they?"

Maya smiled softly at his worry and said, "Of course not, Grandpa is here. He wouldn't dare harming me if he wanted to if he was here. Besides I was just about to read my grades before you interrupted."

Malik laughed saying, "I'm sure you did well Maya. You always do. What will your parents do?"

Maya frowned slightly saying, "They don't want me to be better than Daniela yet they don't want me to be worse because then they will say oh why aren't you like your sister? It's a no no win situation so I decided I would give it my all. It's not like it can get any worse."

"I wouldn't say that Maya but that's good that you're doing your best. Silence and Darkness are holding a party to celebrate our 10th year as the Ancient Silence if you want to come along, since you are the leader after all." Malik said as Maya carefully studied her grades, a warm sense of joy spreading through her as she noticed she aced them all.

Her pine green eyes light up with defiance as she said, "I'll sneak out if I have too. I will not miss seeing you all again. Since if I do I will not see you guys again for another week, too long in my opinion."

Malik voice turned quiet, almost stern, "Don't get into trouble Maya. It wouldn't be good for your health."

Maya could just see his dark blue eyes turning hard with concern as she said, "I'll be fine Malik don't worry."

He sighed softly saying, "I'll see you later then. Try and get some sleep Maya."

Maya went stiff saying," No I will not sleep now."

Malik voice turned determined, "Yes you will. I will make sure of it even if I have to go over there Maya Bloodrose."

Maya scowled darkly before relenting slightly, "Fine but you got to wake me in 3 hours or I'm going to be mad at you."

Malik sighed, knowing that was not enough for her, and said, "Make it four and it's a deal."

Maya paused and said, "Fine. Good bye Mal I'll see you later."

Malik smiled saying, "Good bye Maya. I'll be sure to wake you."

She ended the call just as her grandfather entered the room, his warm brown eyes full of concern as he took in his granddaughters pale face and haunted green eyes.

"Maya will you sleep now?" He asked, as he sat down on the edge of the bed, gently moving her long black hair out of her eyes, revealing the crescent moon scar on her cheek and her angelic face.

She smiled softly and nodded, allowing him to pick her up and place her under the covers, silently thinking of how much she was glad one member of her family loved her so. Her eyes drifted as he began to sing a soft lullaby, his hand softly stroking her hair as she fell into a deep sleep.

Raven glanced at his granddaughter and decided at that moment it was time she came to live with him, away from her parents' and sister's cold looks, their mean comments, so that she may finally be loved the way she should've been from the start.