Dear Tanya

I remember meeting you

Back in the 3rd grade

When you were new in town

And didn't known anyone

So Jenna and I talked to you

And we all became best-ies

And we all promised that

We'd have each others backs

No matter what happened

And that we'd be

Best friends forever

Well now were in 9th grade

Jenna is in another high school

And it seems like the promise

Is slowly fading away

So here's what I have to say

Dear Tanya,

I need you to know

I don't want to lose you

To any enemy demon

I know your native

And you don't see

Others weaknesses

But people rub off

On you and I don't

Want to see it happen

To you

So please listen to me

3. I went through her before

And I know how she is

She's manipulative and mean

But she plays nice

And she sucks you in

And destroys you inside

And makes you think you're no good

And when you tell her

The way it is she cries

You just have to break the cycle

And that's why I'm saying

(Repeat 2 (Chorus))

Tanya she's too good

At hiding her true self

And keeping you close

That's why I warned you

Pleaser don't blow me off

Please listen to me

You know I'm right

So please read on

And understand this

(Repeat 2 (Chorus))

You might not understand

Why I'm telling you this

I just don't wanna see

What we used to have

Fall apart in front of me

Don't you know that?

Tanya please don't do this

We had that promise

I don't wanna lose that

So please listen to this

(Below Chorus written)

Dear Tanya

I need you to know

I don't want to lose

The friendship we have

To that enemy demon

I see you changing to her

Cuz I know the signs

And you have them

I should have known

Don't get mad

Dear Tanya….

Dear Tanya….


Dear Tanya….

Please listen

My dear Tanya