Another night of living

Through a life that doesn't exist

Like the love left in a marriage

Being torn by a tryst

Or magic swirling violently in Avalon's mist

But somehow I move on

My eyes are always open

But I've never been able to see

Who says that the blue sky

Wasn't meant to be green

No Sodom and Gomorrah's not a show on the children's tv screen

On Nickelodeon

But as my life goes on

My will to live is gone

And all that seems to remain

Is the dull and aching pain

Every day is rain

I sold my soul off to the sandman

But I still never sleep

And I sold the farm and with it

Gave away all my sheep

But I'm running neck and neck

With all the company I keep

Who needs to sleep while they're alive?

I've seen the past and future

But I can't see the right now

I need to find a way to live

But my life won't accept that right now

And I'm running round in circles

Looking for a miracle

And every day goes

So very slow

And all that remains

Is the dull pain

Let it rain

The clouds are never ending

And the sun is a stranger

I wish that I could see him once again

To remind me of my life before

But I'm constantly inside a shelter, hiding

Let me go

And every time I

Open my eyes

I faint

And when the storm leaves

I will live once


I just want to

Say goodbye to

The pain

I just can't wait

Until the sun breaks

The rain