A/N: For those of you who know me well, you might actually see the double meaning behind this poem. Actually I think there's only one person on here who sees it but there is a double meaning and no I will not explain it. Anyways, this isn't my usual style but I hope you like it. Please review :) it only takes a second and is much appreciated. (well, it might take more than a second, depending on how much you write in a review)


The Hunter

The Hunter seeks yet never finds,

The Hunter sees and yet is blind.

The Hunter wants what can't be found,

Except in me, my sight and sound.

The Hunter searches moon and stars,

Yet the thing he seeks is never far.

All he wants is what I've got,

What I have is all he's sought.

And yet the Hunter never sees,

Beyond the ground beneath his knees.

I fear he shall never find the thing he seeks,

And a tear from the corner of my eye leaks.

I long for him to know it's me,

To look into his heart and see,

It's me he wants, it's me he craves,

Yet now I float on foamy waves.

The Hunter seeks yet will not find,

Because I left the world behind.