The world asks "Which college are you gonna join?"

I'm not a fortune teller! Want me to flip a coin?

What will happen tomorrow will, well, happen.

It's not under my control.

So I just listen to the voice of my soul.

I do what I wanna do.

Not what you tell me to!

Mom asks, "You need to eat more and grow fat."

Dad says "Come have a look at your cat."

I'm all "I need a new pair of ear-rings."

*Yawn* "Chemistry is so boring!"

Mom and dad say "Take a break.

There's no rush, for God's sake!"

You seeā€¦.

We're just an ordinary middle class family.

There's no competition in our little world.

I can just be me.

An ordinary seventeen year old teen.

Living life with no routine.

I make my own rules.

Competition is just for fools.

I don't fit in the normal because I'm the norm.

I have a dream to take this world by storm.

And my parents are behind me.

They support me in whatever I wanna be.

Ain't need no work pressure.

Just enough money to pay my bills.

Ain't need no big job.

Not doing anything against my will.

I just want free time for myself, is all.

Wanna give voice to my heart's call.

So world! Listen up!

Stop telling me what to do!

I wanna honor my individuality-

I don't wanna be you!

Every single person is different, unique.

They have different aims,

Different things they seek.

I don't want to chase money,

Or big posts in big offices.

I can't bear to throw my morals to the ground!

For me, as simple job suffices.

My emotions are most important to me.

I need free time to set my thoughts free.

(A/N: yes, I know, I oscillated between meaningful and useless/meaningless in italics, but that's the idea :P )