Scary Time - Nightmare

I shuddered at the freezing splash as I fell down from the ice and into the water. I was quite far down, somehow, clinging to a rope that had gone unnoticed before my fall. The vast expanse of empty water was tinged deep blue by the light shining through the ice. It was - eerie. I could see the water was clear, yet it seemed full of something. It felt thick, as though the water had been replaced by some sort of clear gelatinous substance. I was alone in the water it seemed, far down as I was. I could see only the rope I clung to, the dark locks of my hair drifting about my head and the cracked ice above.

I found myself not breathing, although I was without the state of delirium that generally accompanied a lack of oxygen. Nor did I feel the crushing pressure I should of at my current depth. The lack of normality was terrifying. No safe body of water could possible ignore physics in such a manner. I was terrified. The only correct thing, the only tiny smatter of normalcy was the chilling, freezing cold.

Far off in the distance I could now see a light coloured creature, standing out against the vast expanse of blue. It's white skin was covered in grey, sucker-like pustules, it's body long and akin to a water snake. It was constantly moving in the water, writhing, twisting and turning. It was very far away I knew, yet I could tell it was mammoth. I clamped my eyes shut. I couldn't look at the horror any longer.

When I opened my eyes again there was something else. A basking shark was swimming past. Large though it was, I knew it posed no threat. I watched it's huge mouth open wide, engulfing water and filtering out plankton. I was still terrified though. The twirling terror in the distance seemed closer now. I had an almost overpowering desire to look behind me, and yet I couldn't force myself to. Fearful as I was already, I didn't want to look in case one of my fears was confirmed. I looked down, and immediately wished I hadn't. First were my bare feet twisted around the rope, but then there was a deep, dark hole. It was like I was suspended over a blue hole that had somehow begun underwater. My mind went to overdrive, making me sick with terror. Just the single question "What could be down there?" raged through my mind. Gargantuan cephalopods, huge sharks, jellyfish, the list of things that could kill me kept growing. I looked up the rope again, to that crack in the ice above. I was paralysed with fear, I couldn't move a muscle. The very thought of inching up the rope would have been laughable if I had the breath. It was paranoia, almost, if I moved "they" would see me, would come get me. I wasn't entirely sure who "they" were, but I was most certainly possitive I did not want them anywhere near me. I looked down again. The blue hole was -

I woke up, shivering in a cold sweat. It took a minute to calm. But al least the nightmare was over.