Hush hush

Very few people know.

Only two or three really know my thoughts,

Others I have lied to.


My secrets need to be kept hidden.

They must stay hidden-

Must stay deep inside your mind.


Don't let it become

'The word' or

'Talk on the block'.


Can you at least try to keep my secrets hidden?

Can you at least try to keep them

Deep in your mind

And off your tounge?

Can you just forget them-

That way your tounge does not feel tied?

/Like mine/


That way your tounge doesn't betray your mind

And form simple words as these:

"Katy is gay."

"No, she told me that she only likes girls."

Those words would ruin everything

I've tried so hard to hide-

All my thoughts,

My pride,

My tears,

And of course every one of my white lies.

I'd really just like to 'come out'

When I'm ready, not when you say.


Hush hush

And please don't tell anyone I'm gay.