Shes stopped cutting.

Burning now.

Pain is pain.

Love is love.

Blood is blood.

Scars are scars.

People are monsters.

Humans are not what they seem.

I wonder how bad hot wax hurts.

Three candles is alot.

fire is scary.

fire is hot.

But she says the way she does it

the scars fade in a hour.

What if I-

Just one time?


Do as she says.

Stop cutting.

Join ballet.

Oh god depression sucks.

I'm sick and tired

of saying 'nothings wrong'

and/or 'im fine' or possibly

'im just tired.'

Fire scares me so candles are out of the question.

I can't find my blade.

So i must use pins/needles/nails/sharp objects i can easily get.

hush hush.

do not tell a soul.

cold wet blade

red blood falling

hot wax

hot skin

burn skin

pain is pain.

it doesnt matter what you use.

I finally understand.