I wrote this story for my baby brother who asked after he watched Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie and Yugi asked Tea to read him "the story about the bunny".

Once upon a time, there lived a small happy little bunny named Bunny.

Bunny liked to jump and play.

One day the sun didn't come up to meet Bunny in his day of play, so Bunny had to stay inside. He was sad this day.

One day it started to rain and made it hard to play, this made Bunny mad this day.

Then there was another day, this day Bunny was confused, for the day was glum but bright.

But Bunny was never mad, confused, or sad on sunny days. The sun of the day made Bunny happy and want to play.

Bunny played all day and was happy all day. But one day Bunny found a new way to be happy and didn't play.

Bunny found a book….and the book was about a bunny.

Bunny then played all day and read the book all night. Now Bunny was never sad, mad or confused, he was happy all the time with his book about a bunny…just like him.