Aurora Alice Bori stepped into the sunlight, her rainbow flecked colored hair falling over her shoulders. Her chest bounced with each step she took, and her skirt was cut to just above her hip, swaying with a cute chime. Her eyes were lustrous chocolate colored diamonds, her lips full and her cheeks a rosiness never seen before. She had a perfect figure.

She had the power to make any man fall in love with her. She had the power to make evil stop in their tracks. Any craft, she could create. That was Aurora. A girl who made the best grades, never spoke an ill word and was the purest, most gentlest. This is her story, about how she changed this world, and why the author left her out.


" want me to read this?" second asked, turning to first. "You actually want me to believe that someone this perfect could ever exist?"

"Well, isn't that the point of fiction, to use your imagination and fly free?" First's eyes sparkled,having handed her summary to first, a smile spreading over here face.

"Let me guess, she never gets hurt?" second asked, her face twisting up in disgust.

First missed the apparent disgust. "Well, what is the fun in hurting a character I took so much time to create?"

"What fun is there in a story with someone who is so flawless nothing happens?" Second snapped out her words, slapping the papers to the table, not even bothering to read further.

"Well, things do happen." First then went into a tirade, about how her original character would get all the canon characters powers, would end up with the main guy.

"You are writing a Mary Sue. A blatant wish fulfillment. It might entertain you, but I like my characters to have flaws. Hell, I like reading about things 'not' being handed to them. I like seeing them earn things. I am most definitely reading fanfiction because I want to read about the characters. I don't want to read original work." Second turned and glared at the wall. "No one is perfect in the real world."

"But... it's fiction, it isn't real," first chimed in, a look of confusion on her face.

Second stood up, slamming her hand down on her desk. "Real and believable are NOT the same thing. Do you get that! I want to believe that the character is real. Give her some flaws already!"


Aurora sat in her room crying. Her mother and father had beaten her again, simply because her older brother had tripped her down when she was serving up dinner. Her father had gotten up, and then pushed her over his knee, slapping her behind hard and fast. "You horrible, horrible klutz! I can't believe that I ever had you!"

Second slammed the stack of papers down again. "This is not a flaw!"

"Oh come on!" First complained. "She's klutzy... that leads to something happening too. Her parents are problematic. As is her brother."

"First off, she isn't klutzy here, her brother tripped her. Second, all you are doing is giving her a sob story." Second folded her arms across her chest.

"Well, her parents being cruel is a fault." First smiled at second.

"No... that is a fault with her parents, not herself," Second tapped her fingers against the desk. "Try again."

Aurora walked up to the guys standing on the sidewalk. One of the males spoke up. "What do you want?"

Aurora punched the guy in the face. "I am not going to take that from you!"

"What ever did he do?" the second male shook his head.

"He called me small, and underestimated me because I am a girl." Aurora snapped out.

"Cool..." both guys stated firmly.

"No... just no..." Second slammed her head onto the table. "You really don't get it."

"Well, she isn't perfect," first chimed in, leaning over the other girl's shoulder.

"Yes, but now she's not believable because she isn't perfect, and yet people still act like she is!"

"I did what you told me to do!" first snapped out. "This is so not fair! Do you even know what you're talking about?"

"Oh... I know what I'm talking about. Here... let me have a gander at it." Second picked up a pen and paper.

Aurora stared at the wall, the white white wall. Her arms were wrapped to her sides so that she could not hurt anyone, including herself. A doctor came in, his white coat billowing. "Now, Aurora... you like to describe yourself as what?"

"I am the most beautiful person in the world. But everyone is jealous and says that I can't be real," the girl stated, her hair rather dull colored.

"You also say that your parents were abusive?" the man stated.

"My brother would trip me, rape me, you name it. Same with my father. He had a great like to smacking my behind."

"Yet, you are still a virgin," the man stated. "Despite the fact you described some... rather interesting things."

"What of it?" the girl asked.

"You also took to hitting guys for no reason," the man stated.

"So... seriously, why am I in here?" the girl stated.

"Because you have mental problems. You don't act like a normal person." The doctor put away the board.

First blinked a couple of times, rather in shock. She then began to hit second over the head. "How dare you do that to my character! I never imagined her to be that way!"

"Ever think that the way you imagine her, isn't how she comes across to your audience." Second shook their head in disbelief.

Author's Note – Entry for FanBBS contest, November 2010.