Chapter One: Infernal

The stars were barely visible through the thick canopy of trees, soon to be doomed to nakedness for six months, as Wild looked up, wrinkling her face as a leaf brushed her cheek: the trees still clung to their clothes, but slowly, they were losing their dignity, just like she was. It was ridiculous, this whole deal with-

Real fingers trailed down her neck as Bohemian Boy lavished her clavicle with attention, making sure to leave a red, glistening mark to show just whom she belonged to. Something about being alone in the woods appealed to him, the musky smell of rotting leaves and the calming gurgle of the little creek were well and nice, but coupled with Wild Child's occasional gasps and whimpers they were too much. He abandoned his work to sigh into her neck, earning him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"We're gonna be late." She whispered, pushing against him, hoping that he would back off just enough that she could get them on task once more. It was dark enough that he would not see her flushed face, a mix of mortification and contempt on her features that revolved around him: sure, he was attractive, talented, friendly, but he was not smart. Academically, he was brilliant and it took all of Wild's brain to contemplate why he was such an idiot when it came to the world outside the art room and his home. Right now, she was absolutely certain that Bohemian Boy was drunk, possibly a little high off some whacked-up weed that he had pawned off some 'friend' or the other, and now he was touching-

"She doesn't know how to tell time without a watch." He mumbled into the junction where her neck met her shoulder, gripping her hips and pressing her to the tree once more. "What do you care?"

That husky voice made her inhale sharply, torn between meeting their other group members and just letting Bohemian Boy have his way, damn the consequences. That idea was discarded like a bad test grade: quickly with no regrets.

"You're drunk off your rocker, Bohem. It's not gonna happen, not here, not now." She slipped out of his grasp and kept walking down the path, toward the school for their midnight reconnaissance mission. He stumbled after her, a drunken smile plastered across his face.

"How about later?" His husky voice wove through her mind. "And how about in a nice, warm bed…"

"Not even in your dreams, Boy." He had caught up with her and managed to wrap his hands around her waist, slowing her determined walk. Those hands that were skilled with clay apparently were skilled with other malleable things as well and Wild gasped in shock. "Hey, no one ever said-"

"How do you know what I dream about, pretty little girly?" He kissed the back of her neck and she flinched away.

"You sicken me."

"God, Wild, you make me so h-" she turned around, looking ready to kill.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence." Bohemian Boy shrugged and let her walk a little ways ahead of him, careful not to get too close: Wild Child had a fierce temper and, oh, had he been the subject of her wrath more than once. Plus, if he stayed far enough away, he could watch the sway of her hips and just how perfectly those muscles worked under her pale skin. The sculptures he could do, if only she would agree to be his model!

Once out of the trees, Bohemian Boy felt a little less drunk, if that was a possible state of being for him right at that moment. The giant stadium lights that illuminated the track rose up in the distance and he winced at the sight. Maybe the girls would let him keep watch at the bottom instead of making him climb up those high poles…he regretted getting drunk.

He silently watched Wild Child speed up, almost to a slow, loping run, marveling at how she had ended up here in the first place: she was like a fairy, light and quick, with all the charms of a succubus. Boy jogged after her, a slight run hindered by the alcohol-induced lack of coordination. If only he had been a painter instead of a sculptor, then maybe the world would know Wild like he did, the wild temper and lack of thought process that earned her a distinct codename: Wild Child. When they reached the poles, she quickly shimmied up, scaling the height like it was nothing, while he waited at the bottom, looking up at the figure of another girl, leaning over to take Wild's hand.

"What are you waiting for, Bohemian boy?" Wild hissed, once she had settled at the top of their secret hideout. "Get your drunk ass up here. Now."



"Alright!" He sighed, beginning the long climb to the top, hindered by vertigo and an already present lack of coordination. "Jeeze, you two."

Once at the top, Boy heaved a sigh of relief, lying flat out on the still warm lights. "What's tonight about, anyway?" He closed his eyes. "Anyone care to tell me?"

The other girl snorted and Wild shushed her. "Drug bust, Boy, drug bust."

He sat up and squinted through the darkness to see which other girl was up on the lights with them, currently setting up the night cameras. The figure was too rounded to be Thesaurus but not as round as Panda.

"Well," he said sarcastically. "If it isn't The Village Idiot."

Idiot giggled and shoved him a little, just enough to scare him into being nice for one night.

"Why don't you sleep off that alcohol, Boy." Wild was not looking at him, instead focusing her hands on a tangle of wire. "We'll need you later and I prefer you to be a little less drunk." For a moment he watched her struggle with the knot before he crawled over, across the little nest and rested his hands on hers. "Wha-"

With a light kiss on her cheek, Boy took the snarled wire from her hands, feeling out the knots with skilled hands and a steady mind. "You would have never gotten this undone."

"You're not as drunk as I thought." Wild said with a laugh. "Trying to take advantage of me-"

"Oye, what was that? I need to fuel those rumor mills, so keep on talkin'!" Idiot wormed her way in between the two. "Ooh, Wild Child and Bohemian Boy having an affair? The school wouldn't like that, oh no sir!"

Wild rolled her eyes, shouldering Idiot out of the group. "So you've been submitting those articles to the paper, have you?" Idiot nodded happily. "Makes life hard, moron."

"But now everyone will know what we're doing to help the school. And anyway, Bohemian Boy is supposed to be with Panda!"

"Says who?" He scoffed. "I don't like Panda at all." Wild elbowed him in the gut. "Well, I'm sorry, but we don't get along!"

Village Idiot cleared her throat. "Speaking of which, those two are signaling us."

All three of them turned silent as they looked at the dark, brick expanse of the back of the school, casting everything in shadow. Someone was playing with a cell phone, flipping it open and closed, like they were texting or playing a game. Wild felt her pocket vibrate and almost yelped in surprise: Thesaurus was texting her!

'You've got five more minutes. If it's another no-show, something's totally up.'

Wild knew that the other two were reading over her shoulder, as she could feel two separate sources of breath on her neck.

"Why wouldn't they show?"

"Your damn articles, that's why!"

"Shh!" Wild demanded, thumbs flying over the keypad of her phone.

'Fine. I agree, something's not right.' As soon as Wild hit 'send' someone screamed down below and Thesaurus' flipping went dark. "Shit!"

There was a brief scuffle, but from their perch, Wild, Idiot, and Boy could not tell what was happening below them. Idiot grabbed one of the cameras that was recording and looked through the focus: it was too dark in the shadow of the school.

'My backpack's got jets-' The phone vibrated in her hand and Thesis' ring tone seemed unimaginably loud in the middle of the night with no other noise. Wild gulped and answered her phone. "Hello?"

"Well, this ended in an odd way."

She sighed and Idiot put down the camera, knowing that everyone was fine. Boy scooted closer to Wild to hear the conversation.

"Hey, Thesis. What happened?"

"A goddamned assault from behind, that's what! Dude, that was not fun."

Bohemian Boy laughed and Wild had to smile as well. "You okay?"

"Totally okay. So, um, he's hog-tied and gagged…should we call the cops and leave him with the evidence?"

"How hog-tied? And how much did he have?"

"Let's just say he won't be moving for awhile. Or waking up, for that matter."

"How much, Thesis?"


"Get yourself out of there, no tracks. Come on up and I'll call."

"Sounds good, Wild Child."

There was a click and then nothing as Thesaurus covered her tracks, making her way over to the lights. As she shimmed on up, Wild made the call: one less dealer handing kids weed behind the school.

This was her vision, he dream and now she was one step closer. There would be no more 'Student Arrested for Drug Possession' in the headlines that had the name of her school in the article, not any more.

A quick glance back at Boy was all Wild risked as she began to speak.

"Hello, police? Yes, we found a drug dealer behind our school. The address, hold on-"