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Mac socks him in the arm. "Don't be an ass, Gray."

"I'm not...it's a statement of fact!" Gray says, I shake my head. Zakie giggles.

I get up from the table and dump the remains of my lunch in the trash, then return to my seat.

"Dude, Zee, can I come over after school?" Zakie asks, then leans close to me in order to whisper in my ear. "I want to see you in that dress."

"O-okay. Yeah, we can totally do that." I say, Zakie grins.

He rests his foot on top of mine beneath the table.

Mac whispers something directly into Gray's ear, and from the angle I have, I can see Mac bite Gray's ear.

Gray grins and goes to kiss Mac, but Mac quickly puts his hand on Gray's face.

"Not here." Mac says, and I can nearly see the storm clouds descend on him. He looks pissed, but I can't tell if it's at Gray or not.

Gray watches Mac carefully. The bell rings, and we shove our chairs in and head to classes.

"Zee, see you later!"

"At three, Zakie!"

The last few classes of the day fly by, because I'm dreading Zakie seeing my mom, now that she's aware of our relationship. Naturally, hours go faster when you don't want them to. Scumbag brain's perception of time.

I mean, they obviously know each other, but now she probably won't leave us alone.

Fuck. I still have to tell my dad that I'm gay this weekend.

Fucking fuck. I don't know how he will take it. Honestly, he's not like a stereotypical grunting, football-kicking, beer-loving Dad or whatever, not even close, but still.

Dad is tall, thin and quick. Not on his feet, he's always just struck me as clever. He's an IT guy at the local hospital. He's quiet, mildly geeky and calm. Except when he's pissed. Then he's kind of scary.

The main thing is that I have no idea how he will take it. I got lucky enough with my mom, but everyone knows about the kids that come out and get disowned and kicked out and beat up.

Well, I suppose it's kind of hard to imagine my dad beating me up. Actually, it's hard to imagine my dad beating ANYONE up. He's just not the type, I guess.

I walk home, alone because Zee had a last minute meeting with his Biology teacher about a lab he had to make up or something. Anyways, it means I have to walk by myself.

I finally arrive home and dump my backpack on the floor by the door. My mom is not yet home, for whatever reason. Probably got held up at work or something. Good. That means I can show Zakie my dress without worrying about her barging in on us. She already accidently knows that I'm gay, and no matter how well that went I feel like her finding out that her son likes to wear dresses will not go over nearly as well.

Y'know, just a feeling.

Anyways. I go into the kitchen and snag six Chips Ahoy cookies and retreat to the couch to watch TV.

Spongebob is on! This almost makes up for having to walk home with Zakie! ALMOST. Not quite. I eat my cookies and giggle at Spongebob's antics on screen.

Zakie arrives just as the episode is finishing up, along with a text from my mother that she won't be home until at least five thirty, if not later.

Zakie and I watch another episode of Spongebob, although I wouldn't be able to tell you anything that happened, because Zakie had his mouth on mine and his hands up my shirt the entire time.

"Zee, are you going to try your dress on for me or not?" Zakie asks, from where he is lying on top of me. It's a nice position to be in, let me tell you.

"But then I would have to get up. And go upstairs. And not be kissing you." I complain, and put on my best pouty face.

Zakie laughs. "Get your pretty ass upstairs and into that dress, Zee." He rolls off me and stands up, offering me a hand. I take his hand and get up as well, then trot upstairs. Zakie decides to wait on the couch.

I dig around in the bottom drawer of my dresser until I locate the dress, and then I pull off my shirt and my jeans, dropping them to the floor and wiggle into the dress. I remember the pink corset, and shimmy into it, quickly lacing it up. At least it laces in the front so I can do it myself. I duck into the bathroom, smooth my hair down a little, and flounce down the stairs to see Zakie.

He's sitting on the couch, his hands over his eyes.

"Zakie, what are you doing?" I ask, pulling the bottom of the dress down a little, suddenly feeling like it is too short.


"Well, open your eyes, stupid." He does, and immediately grins.

"Holy shit, Zee, you look fantastic." I blush, and Zakie grins wider. "C'mere, baby." I walk (sashay?) over to him, and he reclines on the couch. I straddle him, feeling like this dress really is too short, and lean down to kiss my boyfriend.

The way I'm on top of Zakie, with my knees on either side of him, I feel like my butt is sticking out. But then Zakie starts kissing my neck, and I don't even care.