Lily is woken suddenly by a loud thud and a scream. She sits up and sees Braxton on the ground convulsing, crawling and rolling up holding herself.

Lily gets out of bed to her "What's wrong, Brax, tell me" Braxton was glowing brighter than Lily had ever seen.

"Oh god, they're here, they are trying to, ohhhhhh stop, stop" Braxton screams.

Lily drops next to Braxton "The government has found us, shit, shit, we need to go"

Braxton grabs Lily "no no, it's not them" she points up.

Lily looks up to the ceiling, her mouth drops at the glow that is forming above their heads.

"They are trying to rip me out, oh god it hurts, it hurts so much." she screams again, fighting hard to stay.

"Let them, just go, don't fight anymore" she caresses Braxton's face, her tears falling "I'll be alright."

"No, no, you don't understand it will kill her if they do it like this. I won't let them kill Braxton."

Braxton is eventually released from her pain and left disorientated. Braxton tries to dress, but keeps falling over. Lily dresses, helping Braxton at the same time.

"What do we do?" asks Lily.

But before Braxton could say anything, she grabs her head and crashes to the side of the wall, doubling over and screaming. Lily knew that was the effect of the pulse, which now meant government was close.

She grabs Braxton and they leave the room to the car, but Braxton collapses and screams again. Cars could be seen coming towards them.

"Shit, Brax get up, cmon run" Lily drags her.

They both run through the motel grounds and down a side street. Braxton was becoming less coherent and slowing down. She rests against the wall for a moment when she started to glow again, her body arching up. Braxton screams, looking up to the sky.

"No, don't do it, you'll kill her, you'll kill everyone if you do it this way." Panics Braxton, knowing she was surrounded by houses "I don't know how to contain it" she screams to the sky.

Braxton could feel the heat inside her burning and runs along the street. Lily runs after her, calling her. Braxton yells at Lily to get as far away from her, she doesn't have the strength to protect her or anyone else from the forced extraction.

Braxton runs into a park with Lily chasing after her, cars also mounted the grounds surrounding them.

Lily grabs Braxton, grabs her face . "Please Brax, let them take you before they do." Points the vehicles and people getting out.

Braxton cries to Lily . "But Lily, I don't want to leave you."

Lily looks around at all the agents, guns pointing at them. She knew if Braxton didn't leave, they would use what ever force was necessary, even if it meant....

"It won't come to that" spoke Braxton in a confident voice. She looks up at the blue sky and smiles, then back at the agents.

"But if you stay, they will take you away from me. I rather you go home safely, than end up as some lab experiment." Lily sobbing "please, just let yourself go"

Braxton touches Lily's tears and smiles. It was all she ever needed to do, and only now realises.

"ok" she says quietly to Lily, resting her forehead against Lily's. Their moment disturbed.

"It doesn't have to be this way Braxton, just come along with us. We will let Lily go"

Braxton laughs "You have no intention of letting Lily go. Don't have to read your mind to know that you ass-hole" Braxton's eyes return to Lily.

"DO IT" yells the leading agent.

Within that split second all the guns were discharged at them. Braxton's hand went up, Lily fell to the ground screaming in terror.

Braxton squats down "Lily, it's alright, you can stand up now."

Braxton helps Lily up and she looks around in amazement as everyone had stopped, no one was moving.

"How, did you do that?"

"I just wanted them to stop. I needed to protect you, just like you protected me Lily."

The sky above them starts to glow as did Braxton "I have to go now, I know what to do."

Lily threw her arms around Braxton and kisses her one last time "I'll will miss you so much"

Braxton started to disappear "I will miss you too Lily, thank you for being my friend."

Lily wiping the tears away "I'll never forget you."

Braxton smiles "Yes you will, but you will get the chance to know Braxton again, bye Lily."

Braxton's body disappears and before Lily floats a glowing white light. Lily stares at it mesmerized "You're so beautiful" she could feel Braxton around her. She reaches out to touch the light.

The moment was broken by a huge bang.


Lily sat up quickly, disorientated for a moment. She looks out her bedroom window to see a car had crashed into a large tree, infront of her house. She runs outside to the car, opens the driver's door and helps the dazed male driver out, putting him onto the lawn. She looks down at him and although she didn't know him, a name popped into her head.


He looks at her bewildered "Yes, how, do I know you?"

The car starts to burst into flames. Lily looks over to see a passenger in the front seat. Lily quickly returns to the car, opens the door. The occupant was unconscious and slumped forward, but held back by the seat belt. The flames have nearly engulfed the car. Lily quickly unclips the belt and drags the person away from the car. Then with little warning the car completely bursts into flames right before them.

Curtis sits up "oh god, I didn't mean to. I was just trying to, is she alright, oh god her parents are going to kill me" he starts to panic.

Lily holds the girl she had removed from the car in her arms and smiles softy.

"Braxton" Lily didn't know how she knew her name, but she sensed a strong connection between them.

"Hey, its ok, you're going to be ok" she wipes some of the blood from Braxton's face.

Braxton slowly opens her eyes and looks up at Lily, she groans and tries to sit up but couldn't.

"No don't move, help is on the way" soothes Lily.

Braxton frowns "Do I know you, have we met"

Lily shakes her head "I don't think so, I'm Lily"

Braxton relaxes in Lily's arms " I would like to get to know you, Brax."

Braxton nods and closes her eyes resting in Lily's arms "ok"

The end