Magnam X

Chapter 1
"A Not So Average Day"

What is it that looks over us when we sleep? What is it that looks over us when we are living our daily lives? Humans have pondered this question for centuries and yet have not yet found an answer. Many discoveries have been made by humans, from the depths of the oceans to the sands of the deserts but yet so much still remains. What people do not know is that our world is being watched very, very closely by an unknown presence that can not be seen with the human eye.

In the small city of Kyoto lives a boy by the name of Kenta, but most people call him Ken. Ken was your average teen until a few weeks ago when he turn eighteen. His hair is what got peoples attention, unlike other hair styles his blonde hair stood straight up. People shot him weird looks but he just disregarded them. Ken has had a brutal past, his mother, Aki, had disappeared one day leaving a not stating only this:

"I have gone away, far away. It's for the best."

Ken's father Dishio was a wreck and three weeks after finding the note Ken got a call from the police telling him his father had been in a terrible accident. He was only three at the time and was staying at his Uncle Jerries house. At the years went by he grew up until he was the boy he was today.

Ken's Uncle Jerry was pretty big in Kyoto, he owned the company "Yamashiki Gadgets'". He had to often leave town for months at a time, and so Ken would have the house all to himself until he got back. Jerry, although a serious business man, was still a fun loving guy and would always share his ideas with his nephew.

Through out the first couple weeks after his eighteenth birthday Ken had been getting cold spikes. They ran up and down his back at times and over the course of two weeks, every time he stepped outside, he would get one. He had no idea what they were but he tried to ignore them.

It started out as a normal school morning, he got up and brushed his teeth, poured a bowel of cereal and left the house for school. Something surprised him though, there were no cold spikes so far. He could see the school's clock tower and he had not had any cold spikes. He was feeling good about today and hoped it would stay that way. It wasn't until he stopped half way down the sidewalk that he turned his head and saw a guy dressed in a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and black boots approaching him from behind. He turned around and started walking a little faster. He could hear the guy following him speak something and that's when the cold spike hit.

The sky turned dark purple and the sun turned dark red along with the buildings around him. The sidewalk and street however, was solid black. What got his heart pounding fast was not all that but the fact that all the people had disappeared from the rode and sidewalk. He turned around to find the guy reaching his hand out.

"Join us." he demanded as he reached for Kens neck.

Ken was frozen, he couldn't move his legs as the guy wrapped his fingers around his neck, but before he could squeeze a long chain shot out of one of the motel windows across the street and wrapped around his arm before he could grab Kens neck.

"Damn you Magnam."

Before Ken could blink the chain sharpened to a point and when the chain retracted it took the guys arm with it. Ken looked closely at the window to see a girl with dark purple hair staring down at him. She wore baggy bottoms and a white robe with a purple ribbon tied around her waist to keep it secure. He wasn't sure what to think, she did just save him now but maybe she wanted to kill him for herself. As he backed up she smiled and snapped her fingers. The purple sky vanished and everything was back to the way it was before. He dropped him his knees as people walked past him. What had just happened to him?

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"The Mystery Girl"

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