Chapter 6


He had finally reunited with his mother, but what ever happened to his dad? The police never told him what caused him to crash, they suspected drunk driving, but Ken knew his father wouldn't be that reckless.

"So why did you leave me and dad alone?" he asked all of a sudden after she broke the hug.

She got tense as she heard him ask her that, but she knew he would find out eventually the reason.

"I had to leave to protect you and your father from the Shadowen. Shadwen are drawn to the sent of Magnams, but they couldn't pick up your sent because you were to young. Unfortunately that didn't save your father."

Ken quirked a brow as she stated her last sentence.

"One night a Shadowen ran him off the rode and ran him into a tree, then rolled over the car crushing his lungs and heart. I arrived to late and when I came to the scene he was dead."

She waited for his angry reply, but he never even let out a cry.

"You know, after everything that happened yesterday and today I'm not really surprised by that."

She looked at him in a weird way, like she was confused.

"Don't you miss him?"

"Yep, but I've gotten over it, but know that I know what killed him it lifts my heart to know that I might meet that Shadowen someday, and when I do im going to wring his neck until he doesn't have any air left."

Before she could reply Zieth cut in.

"Alright, enough with the lovey dovey stuff time to continue the tour?"

"I agree we should, after all we haven't shown young Ken the main attraction." said Verneth.

Through the entire day Ken had been puzzled by who the guy was guiding him around the castle, but now he knew exactly who he was. He followed him and his friends into a hallway leading to a open door at the other end.

"This is where we get all our information of unidentified Magnams." Verneth said allowing them inside.

Ken was amazed at the entire room, inside where hundreds of computers all with young boys and girls on the monitors.

"These are young Magnams that have not yet matured like you Ken. One day though they shall join us."

Ken was looking at the monitors when something struck him.

"If there are that many in the world now then how come there are only four of you?"

They all looked at him a little nervously.

"Well, actually…." Yuki said pointing to the chair that was rolled up to the computer.

He looked over, but couldn't see anything until he saw shiver in the air around the chair. He watched as a girl formed in the chair, her light orange hair rolled down her back and her face fit snug up against her face as she looked at the huge monitor in front of her. If wasn't until she saw Kens shadow that she turned around in her chair.

"Oh, I didn't mean to scare you." she said sticking out her tongue.

He didn't bother to even reply to her.

"Yukari, this is Ken, our new comrade." Verneth said.

She quickly turned back around and started typing as fast as she could. Yuki and Ken watched as pictures of him flashed up onto the screen.

"Ken, eighteen years old, six feet, one hundred twenty pounds, likes Yuki."

He froze of on the last statement as some of them looked over at him.

"Oops sorry, didn't mean to read that last statement." she said sticking her tongue out again.

Not only did they know what he had done in the past and the present, but they knew what he was thinking?

"Oh gee I think he froze." Yukari said poking his forehead.

He slowly started to come around and when he was back he shook his head hard back and forth.

"I'm alright, I'm good."

She giggled as she got an idea.

"Ken? You wouldn't mind helping me try out our new machine would you?" she said putting on her cute face for him.

His cheeked turned red a bit before replying.


She smiled and quickly got up and pushed him to the pod that sat at the right corner of the room. He didn't know what she was planning, but he had a bad feeling in his stomach. After he was pushed inside she closed the doors and typed in a code on the number pad next to the door.

"Yukari, are you sure this is safe?" Verneth asked.

"Positive, I've tested it before on myself."

The machine buzzed and creaked as the inside started to glow all the colors of the rainbow. Once the buzzard went off she opened up the and saw that he was gone.


Ken didn't feel to good in his stomach as he sat up, on what felt like dirt. He looked around and saw that he was in a jungle of some sort with many different noises going on at once. It didn't look any different than any jungle he had seen before. He walked forward a couple feet before hitting something soft. He poked it and grabbed, at what seemed like hair. He didn't notice, until he turned around, that there was a giant mouth right in his face. He let out a yell and ran to the right at the creature ran the other way.

He didn't feel any different, he turned around and saw that the creature that had stared him right in the face was scrunched up between two trees. It didn't look to have any eyes and any legs at all, it was like a big, fuzzy worm. Before he stepped forward before he heard Yuki call out to him.

"Ken, what are you doing?" she asked watched as he proceeded towards the worm like creature.

He shushed them all as he picked up a huge piece of fruit the size of a watermelon and lifted it above his head.

"Here boy, I'm not going to hurt you." he said walking up to the beast.

Both Yuki and Aki were scared that he had made the wrong decision and that he could be swallowed up.

"I've got a nice, big uh piece of fruit for you." he said watching the worm wiggle a little towards him.

He used all his strength to throw the fruit up into the air and in seconds the worm snatched it up and swallowed it. He could see its tail wagging in the back as its tongue hung out of its mouth.

"You like that?"

Before he could react the worm licking his face with its giant tongue, almost covering his whole body in slobber.

"I think it likes you?" Zieth said walking up to it, but instead of it licking him it swung its tail and knocked him against a tree.

"So what are you going to call it?" Yuki asked walking up to it cautiously.

He watched as it gave Yuki a big, slobber lick also.

"Hmmm, Tapeworm."

"Why that name?" Zieth asked getting up.

"Well because its attached to all of us." Ken chuckled.