I wore my green dress today. Mum made me wear it. I think it looks like grass.

It doesn't matter though because mum says that if I wear that dress, she'll take me to the park to meet my new playmate. I hope my new playmate is nice. She'd better not be a girly girl like Tara next door. Everytime mum invited Tara over, she would force me to play silly games like "cooking" and "cashier".

We walked to the park in record time because I couldn't wait to meet my new playmate. She'll probably be a zillion times better than Tara. I tugged mum forward towards the playground but she's talking to a lady with a boy around my age. I stare at him and he stares back. His eyes remind me of light sabers. They are light blue and almost glowing.

Before I can tell him that his eyes are cool because they resemble light sabers, he looks away and pulls his mother's hand. I remember that I'm here to meet my new playmate and tug mum's hand too.

"Mummy, we need to go meet my new friend remember?" I try to whisper but it must have been louder than I had intended because the lady laughs and pushes the boy towards me a little.

Mum looks down at me with twinkling eyes and tells me that he's my new playmate.

" But he's a boy! " I whisper again. Mum looks down and me and brushes my hair aside.

"Evangeline, meet Aunt Jessica and her son Joash" Mum says.

The lady looked kind enough. She had honey coloured hair that curled around her face and her blue eyes were like light sabers too. I smile at her and greeted her like I am supposed too. I turned my eyes towards the boy. His hair is like hers, light and curly. I see him watching me too. He looks at my dress and frowns a little. For the first time since I could remember, I feel shy. I hated wearing dresses because it was usually frilly and reminds me of what grandma wears. Then he sees my shoes. They are grubby and stained with dirt but I see him grin at this. I grin too.

"Want to go play in the jungle gym?" He asks, his bright blue eyes shining brighter.

I look back at mum and she nods her head reassuringly. Aunt Jessica smiles at this and bends down to talk to us.

"We'll just be sitting here in the shade. You two can go play now." I nod and turn to Joash.

He grins and shouts, "Last one to the jungle gym is…" But I beat him to it and start running already. I complete his sentence for him too. "… is a baby who can't eat Jell-o ". What was worse than not being able to eat Jell-o?

I hear his feet pounding behind me and it's getting closer and closer. Soon, we are side by side and we reach the jungle gym at the same time. We look at each other and start laughing. He starts to climb the metal rungs but I realize that I can't climb properly with my dress on. I try to fold my dress and tie it around my knees but I won't stay in place. I look up to see Joash reaching the top and I pout. I hate dresses. He looks down at me and sees my difficulty. He looks to the top of the structure. It's only two rungs away from him. I stick my tongue out at him because he's going to reach the top first. But then he shouts something.

"Don't worry Evie! I'll reach the top for you!" He flashes me a grin and continues to climb up a bit more. He turns to smile at me again before tapping the top rung. I smile too. I like this boy. He let me reach the top rung even though I couldn't.

He started to make his way down and when he was facing me again, I said to him "You have eyes like light sabers!"

His eyebrows do a funny dance and he says, " Star wars? X-Men are better!"

I think of phoenix and Cyclops and wolverine and professor X and the other super cool people.

"The X-Men are cool as well, I suppose."

He grins and I grin in return.