Another poem I wrote about moving on from somebody! I hope you like it! Please read and review. Copyright belongs to Lovbly17 only!

The peace of the lost!

When I turn and see you face

I no longer hide, I stand in my place

You now have no effect on me

Your spell has been broken, I'm finally free

My heart has been mended, it's healthy and whole

I'm no longer in pieces, I have a full soul

I beared the world as it stood on my shoulders

I faced the chasm of the once crashing boulders

I watched as the devil laughed in my face

And the fear I felt as I fell out of your grace.

Still through this time I remained strong and fierce

And the spear you sent spinning, my heart did not pierce.

I can smile at you now and feel the pain lessen,

Even though I still have this untold aggression.

I walk through this memory and laugh at its meaning,

Learning as I have and infinitely gleaning.

By Lovably17

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