Summary: The little carp was happily finning about in the small pond. One day, his peace was disrupted by someone's pebbles. What happened when the little fish went to explore as to who was throwing the rocks into his habitat?

A/N: I've been working on this short piece of fictional work for weeks. Wrote some, put it away to marinate, and then continued. Yesterday, I finally managed to finish it. It has been looked over by two people before uploading and for that I want to thank them.

In case something isn't right or is just off in some way, just point it out. I'd love to improve my skills.

Other than that...enjoy~

Airborne Fish

On a day like any other, a baby carp was gliding about in the small pond it had hatched in. For a fish, it didn't matter when that had happened: time was an irrelevant factor for the creatures in the water world. His little stomach let him know when food was needed, the strange bright thing notified when it was time to rest. The little fish didn't worry too much about what was happening; it simply allowed the nature run its course. It was also why he didn't care about the elderly who had brought him to this world.

Something in him said that it was how things were supposed to be.

Moving his fins in a lazy manner, he went forward. It was dim in that part of the water hole, but he couldn't go higher no matter how inviting it seemed. Once, he had wandered there and saw the giant slender forms doing something around the pond. Because of that distraction, many of his kin had been taken away by something huge and orange. The orange thing was attached to a white shape that seemed to float in the outer world. Since neither he nor anyone else could do something like that, those creatures both mystified and scared the little fish.

In the middle of the water plants and serenity, however, everything was calm; the fish felt at ease. It seemed like there was no one else in the world – only him, the few green objects, and the food to fill his itsy-bitsy stomach. Mouth open, water in, mouth closed, particles down, water out through the gills. Repeat.

After gulping down another mouthful, the fish disappeared with one swift movement. The tiny one was hiding behind a bush of algae, and didn't dare to move for a while. He was afraid that the object, which had just touched his tail, was still there, just waiting for him to come out. He would be a good snack due to his size.

The little one waited…and waited…and waited. When it finally seemed to be safe, the carp slowly departed from the safe environment the protist had offered. After some observation, he decided the predator had left, and as further inspection showed…there hadn't been one at all.

Not far from where he was, a small solid particle was sitting on a leaf. It wasn't heavy, but still tugged down the leaf a tiny bit. The little carp hadn't seen anything like this before. It was glistening and was round… He was wondering whether this was the one the ones from outer world have named 'rock'. These objects weren't common to his home because the bottom was light and easy to nestle into. 'Muddy', he believed. Also, they provided the best hiding places in case one had been reckless about their surroundings. Never had he come across such solid pure things. This could be due to the darkness in the lower layers, though.

Swimming to the newest addition in the habitat, his intention was to eat it. Tried to bite and…didn't even scratch it.

Did it once more.

Still nothing.

And again.

Still in one piece.

Stubborn as the little one was, he went for another try, but more forcefully this time.


The rock was pushed off the edge of the leaf, and the little fish's bulgy eyes were fixated on the potential feast being dragged downwards into deeper layers. The rock faded and faded until it was nowhere to be seen.

A little after this had happened, another rock appeared. This time the baby carp knew it was safe, so it happily finned to where the newest addition laid. When he reached it, the next rock was thrown into the mix. Then the next. And another one. By then the curiosity had got the best of him. The little one decided it was safe to go near the surface if there was something near to shadow his shape. Plants near the edges provided to be good enough of a camouflage.

Carefully, the carp inched forward. Whenever there was a slight movement somewhere, it took shelter behind a leaf and waited for a while before moving on. Bit by bit, he reached the snug surface. It felt more pleasant up here; life was warmer and more colourful, a total contrast to what he had experienced in the deeper parts.

Peeking out from behind the plant, he found the one who had been throwing things into the water. It was a pink creature with pointy ears. She would be 'small' in their terms, but seemed like a giant to the observer in hiding. The two others were even bigger than her. The fish made a notion it was common for their species to have things growing out from their heads. They seemed to move easy, so he assumed they weren't heavy.

He was a bit puzzled as to why the two bigger persons were wearing glistening suits and had their head hidden by some cover while the small girl was the complete opposite. Instead, she was covered by a light flowing material hanging on her figure gently. Her headpiece wasn't anything like the others', either; it was more like a shiny, round, and a thin line with a bright blue stone in the front. The fish was no expert on deciphering their facial expressions, but the girl seemed different from her kin; she wasn't running around and making noises, which they call 'laughing'. No, she was standing in one place, occasionally crouching down to pick up more rocks and then returning to her original posture – staring at the water and throwing in stones without much emotion.

Soon, the girl's eyes got fixated on the place where the little fish was. She knew that if she tried to catch it, the fellow would flee. Instead, she quickly averted her gaze and acted as if the creature wasn't there.

She felt tired and didn't want to be there while others were risking their lives. It wasn't a pleasant feeling to know how useless she actually was.

"Princess." As soon as the guard started talking, Nonfreteti froze. Her heart rate picked up and she closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. "Trees are whispering; the castle has fallen. We should try and find shelter with the water nymphs."

Nonfreteti's hands slumped to her sides as his words sunk in. Everyone she ever knew – her father, mother, nurse, and friends – were now dead because of those vile pixies. She had been clenching her fists so hard that her hands started shaking. The other guard noticed this and dared to take a step closer. His tone was softer upon speaking. "Your Majesty?"

She turned her head to the side for a moment, not looking at them directly. "We will spend the night here and travel tomorrow. This pond is protected by our spells and will keep us protected by the evil eye." Her voice was calm and steady which surprised both men – she wasn't known for her maturity and cool head. She returned to the distraction that had occupied her before, in high hopes this would keep her from breaking.

The eavesdropper observed the whole scene from his world and although he didn't understand a word they were saying, he still picked up on the mood of the situation. Not that it was somehow relevant; their doings didn't affect him in any way. Still, he found them to be amusing and kept on watching.

Only the girl's sudden scream made him remember how dangerous they really were. He hid himself quickly and didn't move for a while. After sensing the water's movement, he wanted to swim away as fast as possible, but couldn't. He was too terrified to do it. When everything quieted down a bit, he slowly emerged from the hiding place to see what was happening and whether it was the best time to make his escape.

It was safe, but the fish couldn't bring himself to leave. There was another person on the shore, in her arms. This picture seemed strange for the carp because the small boy was covered in something dark red, and both were slightly wet. Also…the girl was leaking from her eyes. The fish was curious about what was happening, but soon forgot about it because the small waves caused earlier made him see the surface clearly for the first time.

Eyes transfixed on the line where his world ended and another one began, he didn't notice what his little fins were doing. With each wiggle, tail and fin movement his body was pushed forward, making him faster, more fluent until…he wasn't where he belonged anymore.

"Dearest princess, did you really think that we wouldn't find a way to you? That your measly spells would help against us?" the woman holding a bow asked, and stepped over the bodies of the two guards.

The youngling was out of the environment it had been one with, and for that little while when he didn't realise what had happened, the fish was ecstatic.

Nonfreteti was sitting, holding the little boy's body tightly in her arms; she was afraid to let go of him. Afraid of what will happen. Her voice was cold upon asking, "What are you waiting for?"

Carp's joy, however, was short-lived. The water was wet, cold, and had flowed through his gills throughout his short life. This world he was flying in…was dry and painful. He tried breathing but couldn't. Instead, every taken gulp burned and caused physical pain.

The woman laughed diabolically and pulled the string back, aiming the arrow on the last member of the elven royal family.

His only wish and frantic thought was to get back to the safety of his home.


The fish landed back into the safety of his pond and started swimming away rapidly, promising to never to return again.