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The Jade cat

Place: Tokyo\ Japan_ Time: 9:53 P.M_ Event: Ninja Battle_

Sparks flew as the metal weapons met time after time. the masked female ninja threw a kick trying to hit the other ninja with a sharp knife at the end of her heel, Sai quickly knelt down causing the knife to pass not too high over his head. The female ninja quickly turned her kick down, but she was too late, he had already jumped out of her range. She had to reconsider her plan; he was faster than she thought.

At that moment, she heard a battle cry behind her. Darn it! She forgot he had a partner. The masked ninja made a flexible turn to the right. Just in time actually, the long stick passed right beside her, but his partner wouldn't give up, she twisted her stick like a pro then attacked many times.

It was impassible to dodge them all, especially when delivered at high speed and high ability. She took a number of powerful strikes; luckily, it was mostly to her arms and legs. Then she found an opening and she took it.

"Kioko watch out, Behind you!"

But it was too late, the masked ninja had already made a high jump and landed behind the shorthaired red head, the masked ninja put her claw like blades to Kioko's throat.

"Don't you harm her!" Yelled Sai.

"It's not her who I want to harm" the masked ninja stated mockingly.

At that moment Kioko got into a struggle with her, at one point Kioko caught her and held her tight as she yelled, "Now Sai it's your chance"

And he took it; he immediately pulled out his samurai sword and charged at the masked ninja…..

Blood splattered on Sai's face, he was shocked. Kioko looked down at the sword that pierced her through the stomach and out her back. "Kioko I.. I didn't mean to.. I.."

Kioko coughed up some blood, and fell to the ground in front of Sai's mortified eyes. He quickly snapped out of his shock and knelt down; he carefully pulled his sword out of his friend.

At the same time, the masked ninja was stepping back, until the large hole in the ceiling was right above her. Out of no-where, a helicopter appeared and threw down a rope ladder, the masked ninja climbed half way up as she said, "We'll meet again Jade cat, but mean while I hope you enjoy this…" then she let out a devilish laugh as the helicopter flew away.

But to be honest, Sai didn't hear a word of what she said. He held Kioko in his arms not knowing what to do as she said with a weak voice, "I- I can't f-feel.."

Sai's eyes teared up as he mumbled, "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to…."

Kioko then whispered weakly, "Sai I-I….."

She said something that he couldn't hear, he tilted his head but at that moment, her hand fell and her body got loose, "K-Kioko?..." Sai whispered but he knew, she was dead…

"Kiokoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!". *silence*

Three years later

Place: New York_ Time 10:07 A.M_ Event: Alex, a: "To be" actress\ fired_

"I don't care, I can get a job any where I'm going to an actress" Alex yelled at her ex-boss.

"Yeah yeah, just never show you're face here again" yelled Mr. Jung as he walked back into his restaurant then added before he slammed the door, "Actress, Feh!".

"Jerk" Alex mumbled to her self, as she sat on the side walk next to her little pink convertible, then she sighed, "What am going to do? How am I going to pay my rent? This is a disaster!"She thought to her self.

At that moment, a blue tinted black haired, tall guy in a black body suit ran up the street, and before she could understand, he jumped onto the front hood of her car, making a big dent on it.

"Hey!!" she yelled as she jumped to her feet.

He didn't turn around, he just zoomed down the street at incredible speed, two seconds later a gang in ninja like costumes, were chasing after him.

She stood there for about thirty sec's, even after they were out of sight, then it dawned on her, that guy could be in trouble.

She jumped into her car, and quickly started it, making a loud screech as she suddenly took off; she made sharp turn into the side alley where they turned. And to her great surprise she saw them fighting with that first guy, and he was obviously being defeated. He needs help.

She quickly pulled up next to him as she yelled, "Come on, get in"

He looked over his shoulder, he didn't object, he backed up then made a back flip into the seat next to her. The wheels made a loud screech as she quickly drove away.

She felt like she had to hide him somewhere, so she decided to take him to her apartment.

She led her silent guest up the stairs. The whole way he didn't say a word. She thought that that was weird, but didn't comment, he was probably in shock or some thing.

She put her key into the hole and turned it, she walked into the wide, well lit apartment as she said, "Are you alright? Who were those people? What's your name? I'm Alexandra Greene but you can call me Alex"

He didn't answer any of her questions, that bugged her but she decided to ignore his obvious rudeness. She leaned on the glass table and studied his features: he was actually pretty cute, but his black body suit and long necked combat-like boots looked weird in the summer.

She shook her head then smiled, he was totally focused on looking out the window to see if any one was following him, or else she wouldn't have been able to stare at him for so long.

She shook her head again, then said after taking a breath, "If you don't feel well or some thing you can stay here for a while"

He didn't seem to be listening so she added, "Do you want like a soda or some thing? You look beet." He didn't answer again, this time she didn't let it go, she said in an annoyed voice, "you know it's only polite to answer when some one is talking to you!"

He turned around and said quickly without a smile, "I am fine, those people were ninjas, they were after me, my name is Sai and no, I don't want a soda" then he turned away again.

Alex stood there with out a word then she said slowly, "Okay.. Well…" she didn't know what to add.

At that moment, he opened a drawer and was fumbling through it, she snapped at him, "Hey what do you think you're doing? That's my drawer that you are fumbling through and I don't remember allowing you!" Then she continued, "First I wake up late, then I forget to feed JoJo, then I was fired, then you come and wreck my car…. I expect you to pay for that you know!"

Sai continued poking around the house then he said, "I don't have the money now when I have the money I'll leave"

"Leave?!!" Alex repeated after him with confusion then added, "What do you mean?"

"I'll leave your apartment"

"W-what?! Who said you could stay here?!"

"You did, you said that I could stay for a while didn't you?"

"Y-yeah but that's not what I meant.. I" she didn't know what else to say and she got all choked up on words that frustrated her so she yelled, "Just because I think you're cute that doesn't mean you can do what ever you want!" immediately she put her hand on her mouth and blushed like crazy, how did she let that slip out.

Sai stepped in front of her, he had a habit of getting in your face when he talked, she turned her face away, and her face got redder.

Sai then said in a calm voice, "I need a place to stay, and I already owe you, when I get the money to pay you back I'll be out of here, Okay?"After saying that he went back to fumbling.

Alex stood there for a minute or so, her face fiery red, then when she came to, she sighed, what kind of trouble did she get her self into?

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