Children Out of Eden

by Cerridwen Storms

Dedicated to all my high school and early college friends that never got what was glamourous about being a vampire. The answer is "nothing".


This is a story about a human and a vampire.

It was not a fated thing. I was not destined to encounter vampires for a secretive trait I didn't know about, nor did I fascinate anyone in the underworld. There's nothing terribly remarkable about me, not even my grades when all of this started. There wasn't even anything terribly remarkable about her (the vampire, I mean), except perhaps her name and her laugh. Or when she wanted to stand out, but you wouldn't remember it. She'd make you forget after she fed on you. Annabelle was only remarkable in that she was a vampire, but by their own standards, she's not someone that really stands out in a crowd.

More importantly, though, this is not a love story. I say this, because anyone I drunkenly start to try telling this story to always assumes that this is my sordid fantasy of banging Buffy or Vampirella. (Buffy's not even a vampire, idiot. Has it already been that long that people don't remember that she was a slayer?) People always say than a man and a woman can't just be friends, but they've clearly haven't had a childhood friend of the opposite gender like I did.

Oh, we tried. God, we tried. Admittedly, Annabelle and I dated a few months in our junior year, after a lot of pushing from our other friends. It only worked on hormones and familiarity. When we tried to have sex, we couldn't because of... well, you try sleeping with someone you consider a sister and see how well your jimmy stays up. It clearly wasn't going to work out, at least as far as romance went.

We stayed best friends, of course. Somehow, we always stayed best friends.