Lord of the Rings i


I was looking through a community over on LJ that archives Mary Sues for clichés to write about in my essay about fanfic clichés. Well, I happened to come across an entry for a fanfic called Realm of the Tigress that was written by a person going by the name Elven Chocoholic. I'm honestly not wanting to bring in specific examples of what not to do in my essays, but this is one of those where I have problems believing such a story exists. The story is three chapters long and it is about Gandalf hiring an assassin to kill Saruman.

You would think that it would be a no-brainier that one of the worst OoC moments a canon character could ever have in a fanfic is for them to hire someone that can very well do what they could easily do themselves if they so choose to do it. Yet here we have the most powerful wizard in all of Lord of Rings muttering about how Saruman needs to die and yet finding the need to hire an Elven Assasian to go and do it for him.

I'm trying to actually put some logic to this as to why the writer went and did something like this. Perhaps it has to do with the fact certain things from the books were not covered in the actual movies. I thought it went without being said that Gandalf of all people was very powerful simply because he had one of the rings though.

On top of this, Gandalf didn't care if Saruman lived or died. If he had known that Saruman would have escaped to the Shire and caused trouble he might have cared, but that doesn't even show up in the movies. Nor might I add the fact that killing a Wizard will end up cursing the person who killed said Wizard and thus it was thought to be taboo. And then there is the fact that Gandalf lets things take their natural course as much as possible, rarely interfering unless he absolutely feels the need to.