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Kitty says: "Hey hottie, let's talk dirty."

Tom grinned at the pop-up message as he checked out her picture of her boobs – a perfect C-cup with big dark nipples that complement the fairness of her skin. He felt himself growing hard just thinking about how his member would feel in between the deep valley of her mounds. Slipping his left hand into his boxers and grabbing his half-mast erection, his free hand clicked Accept on the pop-up.


Katie was on her bed with her Mac, nodding her head along to the beats of Low by Flo Rida and checking out the latest News Feed on her Facebook, when a pop-up appeared from her tab.

Tom accepted your Live Chat request

A small smile curved on her lips as she felt a surge of juices damping her red satin thongs. Getting a Live Chat still excited her and turned her on, no matter how many times she had done it. She got up to turn off her radio and then sat down again to start the chat.

She adjusted her webcam so that it captured her on video from her neck down only. Katie figured that it was better to play safe; you'd never know who you might be chatting with.

"Hey there, sexy," she purred, as the video call connected and his video appeared on her screen.

First look at his body and she was impressed. It was one of the best bodies she'd seen so far from these sites – tanned, muscular and well-built. He, too, had decided not to show her his face, but she could imagine what he must look like. Dark, tousled hair that framed his face perfectly and brought out the hazel in his eyes; he would be a perfect candidate for a male model.

Yes, this would be an interesting chat, she thought to herself.


Tom's jaw slacked a little when her video appeared on his computer screen. He couldn't help but to ogle at her body. The picture definitely wasn't a fake, he concluded. In fact, the red lacey bra she had on now made her boobs look bigger than in her picture.

"Hey there, sexy." Her voice was sultry, even a little familiar but he let that thought slip off of his mind. The fact that he couldn't see her face didn't even really bother him. What's important was that he'd hit a jackpot tonight.

"Hey there, Kitty pie," he answered. "Do you like being called Kitty pie?"

She let out a soft laugh. "Whatever you wish to call me, sexy. I'm your little slut for tonight."

His erection stiffened at her naughty sentence. Man, did she know how to turn a man on. He got up to take off his boxers; the pressure in his briefs was getting uncomfortable. Tom sat down again and held his member in his right hand, stroking it softly.


She watched as he took off his striped boxers and his manhood sprung out. He was an impressive eight inch, thick and hard, ready for her. He took himself in his hand as he sat down again.

"You're big, aren't you, Tom?" she complimented him, knowing how guys like to have their ego boosted. "That's it, sexy, touch yourself. Do you know how much I want to wrap my sweet lips around your big cock and suck you like a candy? Mm, yes I do."

He let out a groan as his hand moved slightly faster along his shaft. "Yes, Kitty pie. Suck my cock hard."

"I'll lick your tip ever so slowly, twirl my tongue around it and then put your whole length into my mouth. You'd like that, won't you?" she teased him.

"Fuck yes, Kitty. Oh God." His pace quickened even more.


He had to give her credit; she was really good. His hand moved at an urgent speed as he stroked himself. He was close to coming, but he didn't want it to end so quickly so he stopped his hand.

"Take your bra and panties off, you little bitch," he commanded. He liked being in control. "Show me what you've got."

She obeyed him, like she should. Her hands reached behind to unclasp her bra and her boobs bounced out, set free from their confines. Oh, how he longed to be able to touch those perfect mounds and bury his face in between them. His hand instinctively started moving again as his tongue darted out to lick his dry lips.

Now, she kneeled to slowly and teasingly take off her red panties, a match to her bra. Kitty turned a little to wiggle her firm ass to him as her thongs slid down her long legs. An image of him fucking her in her sweet tight ass made him groan.

"You like what you see here, Tom?" she asked, seductively. She slowly swayed her body down, back to her original position before her mini striptease.

"Touch yourself, slut."


She shivered a little as the wind hit her now naked form. Her hands reached up to rub her nipples, just like he told her to. She leaned her head backwards as her sensitive buds send sensations all over her body and she moaned.

"Yes, pinch your nipples, Kitty pie. I want to suck your buds and grab your boobs with my hands. Oh God, they're just so hot." He began to pump his hand faster again.

She let out another moan as she slipped one hand further south to her clit and rubbed her sensitive nub. "I want you to touch me right here, sexy. Mmmm.."

Katie knew how to touch herself; she'd made herself orgasm lots of times before. She used her thumb to rub her clit in circular motion, making herself moan in pleasure.


Fuck, she looked so hot masturbating.

"I want to lick you right there, Kitty pie." He could almost taste her on his tongue; sweet like nectar and her smell of arousal like perfume.

Her moans drove him insane. He really wanted to take her there and then, if not for the stupid virtual thing. He could almost imagine his dick inside her hot, tight pussy, fucking her hard and long.

"I want to fuck you, Kitty whore. Fuck you like the slut that you are," he told her. His hand was beginning to move at an urgent speed again.

"Ohhh, yes Tom. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she moaned, as she slipped her index finger into her pussy.

He watched as she pushed her finger in and out, still rubbing her clit with her thumb. Imagining his dick inside her instead of her finger, Tom quickened his stroking pace, matching the thrust of her finger.


Katie slipped in another finger as she fucked herself; her pussy clenched tight around them. "Faster, Tommy, faster! Yes, fuck me faster!"

Her eyes wanted to close in ecstasy but she forced herself to watch his reactions. He was beginning to pump himself at a very fast speed, meaning that he's close. In between his grunts and groans, he managed to ask her to fuck herself faster.

Another finger joined in as she felt herself nearing her climax. Her left hand was rubbing her left nipple while her right hand was busy thrusting in and out of her own pussy – thumb on her clit and three fingers inside.

"Oh god, I...I'm..I'm coming, Kitty.. Yessss!" Tom moaned, his breaths getting faster with every pump of his hand.

She moaned loudly; her orgasm was so close now. "Fuck! Tommy, Tommy, yes! Oh my god! Cum with me!" she cried out.


"Ahhhhh, fuck!" Tom cried out, as his seed shot off in long spurts. "Yes, Kitty pie, yes!"

He continued to pump as he heard her cry out his name in her own orgasm. He closed his eyes as his climax took hold of his whole body; he felt like he was in heaven.

But wait, why did there seem to be an echo? Her voice came out from the speakers of his computer but why did it seem like her voice was coming from the next room too? What the fuck?


"Tom! Ohhh, Tom! Holy fuck!" she yelled out as she reached her peak, her body arching and toes curling.

She could hear him crying out as he came. "Ahhhhh, fuck! Yes, Kitty pie, yes!"

But something seemed to be off. It was almost like she could hear his voice from the next room and a slight delay later, from her laptop speaker. That's…impossible, right?


Tom let his breath slow down to a decent rate as he stared as his cum squirted across his bedroom floor. He'll clean that up later, he decided. Right now, he just wanted to check out the suspicious echo he heard from the other room – his sister's room.

He pulled on his boxers and opened his door, calling her name. "Katie?"


As her orgasm died down and she could breathe normally again, she wanted to compliment Tom for a 'deed' well done but he got up first and left the webcam scope of view.

Oh, well. So much for the perfect guy, she thought. Getting up to put on her pink robe, she froze as she heard someone calling her name from outside her door.

Tom. Her brother.

Oh my god, no fucking way! The very thought set every alarm in her mind ringing.

"Katie?" he called again.

That voice, she should have recognized it. What the fuck had they just done? She mentally slapped herself as she walked to open the door.


"Kitty?" he asked, a note of uncertainty in his voice.

She stared at him; from his chest to his abs and then to his boxers – tanned, muscled, well-built and striped. "Fuck." That was all she could mutter.

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