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"What the hell are you two doing, staring at each other like that?"

Tom and Katie turned to see their mother walking up the stairs; laundry basket in hand. They couldn't blame her for asking though. They barely talked, much less looked at each other on a daily basis. Their method of communication, if at all, was mostly done on a higher tone than talking.

What they had was a really bad case of sibling rivalry. They hated each other to the core and would get at each other's neck at every opportunity available. Competition fueled them; getting higher grades and better achievements left a satisfied smile on their faces.

"She…" Tom started.

"He…" Katie said, at the same time. Both pointed their fingers at each other.

"Whatever it is both of you did or did not do to one another – again, I don't really care. Go get dressed for dinner. Be down in half an hour," their mother cut them off, sashaying away down the corridor.

Katie turned back to her brother and glared at him. Since she didn't have anything else to say to him, she decided to pretend that what just happened did not happen at all. Katie turned on her heels and walked back to her room, with as much dignity as she had left. But before she could close her door, she heard Tom's footsteps shuffling behind her – getting closer and not further like it should.

"What are you doing?" she hissed, turning around angrily.

To her surprise and dismay, she found that Tom was standing too close for comfort and she was staring straight at his chest, merely three inches away. She blinked and looked up at his face, cursing at herself as she did so.

He was at least six inches taller than her, even though she was considered blessed with the height gene and he was only sixteen, two years younger than her. When he didn't say anything, she raised her left brow in question.


He smirked. God, he had the fucking nerve to smirk. "Little miss goody-two-shoes isn't such an angel after all, is she now?"

Katie opened her mouth to retaliate but he moved closer, daring her. She instinctively took a step backward, forgetting what she wanted to say in the blink of the moment. When she regained her stand, she scowled and poked him on his chest with her right index finger.

"What I do in my past time is none of anyone's fucking business. And you're one to talk. It looks like you're not going to win the Golden Boy of the Year award now, are you?"

Poke, poke, poke.

He grimaced. "Well, at least it's normal for a guy to watch porn and whatever. But you, my dear sis," he paused, for the added effect of the fake affection. "You are one little naughty slut. I wonder what Mike would think…"

Mike was her boyfriend; the perfect guy and the object of everyone's envy. They were what people portrayed as the perfect couple; sweet and loving. But she knew better than to call it love. Sure, they had good sex but she still felt unsatisfied; she wanted more.

"Don't even think about it, you little brat!"

She was still poking his chest and he took another step forward, kicking her door shut behind him. In a split second, his lips were against hers, moving and caressing them as if he'd done it a million times. Katie let out a gasp as she tried to register the sudden intrusion of her body. Her attempt to push him away with her hands failed when he used it to his advantage and pulled her even closer to him; his erection bumping close to her sensitive spot. She almost let out a moan but managed to stifle it – thank god.

Every alarm in her head was ringing as she felt him deepen the kiss and she mentally slapped herself as she found her lips responding to his kisses. This can't be happening, she thought. What the fuck am I doing, kissing my brother? And the worst part is, she felt juices surging out of her pussy as she did so. Fuck.


Tom didn't know what the fuck he was doing. But one thing he was sure, he was letting his dick do the thinking when he had acted so irrationally and decided to crash his lips against his sister's. When he saw her in the hallway, albeit dressed in her usual robe, all he could think of was what it hid underneath. Those perfect boobs and the sweet-looking pussy; his dick had immediately hardened again.

Since he was going to hell for this anyway, he decided to ignore the rational side of him which was screaming out at him to stop and to go straight to the deepest end of hell. After all, if he had to do something, he might as well be the best at it – that's his motto.

As he kissed her lips, soft and sweet like he could have never imagined, he felt her struggle. She was probably fighting off the demons dragging her to hell with him but in the end, she seemed to accept her fate and kissed him back. She even let a moan escape her lips as his tongue pushed into her mouth.

Tom pushed her backwards, holding her waist so that she wouldn't fall, until she hit the side of her bed. It caused her to pull back; reason probably catching up with her. Her breath was ragged and her lids half-closed as she looked up at him, making him stiffen even more as he thought of her expression when he fucked her good and hard.


She felt her legs hit something – her bed, her mind managed to register – and she felt some of her sense coming back to her. Katie pulled away from his mouth, as addictively sweet as it was, and looked up at him. She was confused, excited and wet. Oh, how she cursed her low self-control.

"We can't," she whispered. She winced as she realized that from her choice of words, she'd let on that it wasn't that she didn't want him but it was that they couldn't because they were siblings. Katie crossed her fingers that he didn't catch them but knowing Tom, he probably did.

He looked into her eyes, searching them. When he found what he wanted – desire, for him – he answered, "We shouldn't. But you know what, for once in my life, I want to fuck up in something and I'm making sure you do too."

With that, he pushed her down on her bed.


Tom caught her wince as she realized that she slipped out her desire for him and he found himself smirking inside. As he searched her blue orbs, his smirk became full blast smugness when he saw that the color of her eyes weren't the only thing that mirrored his; there was also lust.

Any self-control and sensibility left within him abandoned him as he pushed her onto her bed; his animalistic instincts taking over now. He wanted her – wild and raw – no doubts. His hands quickly and skillfully untied her robe and revealed her body to him, exactly as he had just seen from his computer screen, just that this time it was real.

He grabbed her firm breasts roughly; even his large hands could not contain all of it. She moaned and he growled as he thumbed her sensitive peaks; her body writhing underneath his. He loved the power he felt over her as he sucked on her left nipple, making her body arch towards him, as if he was the only one who could satisfy her needs.


It took Katie all she had to keep from moaning out loud and giving him the satisfaction of knowing that she liked his touch. His lips were so warm against her buds and it felt really good as he sucked them one by one, that she couldn't help but to give him better access to them.

After he was done sucking her nipples, he trailed a line of kisses up her neck while his fingers took a different path southwards, nearing her aching core. As she relaxed into his touches, she felt a sudden jolt of pain and pleasure as he pushed a finger into her wet pussy and at the same time, bit down on the sensitive area of her neck.

Katie glared at her brother as he continued to suck on the skin of her neck, sure to leave a mark, and pumped his finger in and out of her pussy. But her anger was soon forgotten as it was replaced by the pleasure of him finger-fucking her. Damn her pride; Katie moaned as he put in a second finger; her pussy tightening.

She felt a pressure building up inside, a feeling she knew all too well. "Ohhh…Tom…"

"Yes, Kitty slut. Come for your brother," he commanded, as he let a third finger join in the fun.

She hated his choice of words but right now, it didn't matter. What mattered was that she was so fucking close. She felt all her muscles tensing as her orgasm began to overtake her. But what took her off and way over the edge was the feeling of his warm tongue flicking over her sensitive clit.

"OHHH...my god!" She nearly screamed as her intense orgasm hit her so hard until Tom had to put a hand over her mouth in fear that their mother walked in on them.


Tom watched as her body bucked wildly from her orgasm and he continued to thrust his fingers in and out until her body finally laid still. He grinned when he saw the red mark on her perfect cream-colored neck – the one he had left – as she struggled to catch her breath.

He was going to touch her mounds again, the part of her body he loved so much when he first saw her picture, when he was startled by her sudden move to pull down his boxers. A sigh escaped his lips as the pressure in his briefs was finally relieved; it was really getting uncomfortable as he watched his sister cum from his fingers.

She might have just recovered from her orgasm but she was quick to turn the cards around as she pulled him down on her and turned him on his back. Her move surprised him but not as much as when he felt her warm hands wrapped around his stiff manhood and pumping at a torturously slow pace.


Katie wanted him to know that she was in control now. No girl can better control a guy than when she has his dick wrapped in her hands. And right now, Katie needed to make sure that her brother knew she was not some slut he could just come to and fuck with; but more so to reassure herself that she still had some power.

His eight inch pole felt warm in her hands as she began to move up and down deliberately slow just so she could watch him in half-pleasure and half-agony. Tom began to thrust his hips upwards, wanting – no, needing – her to go faster but Katie had other plans for her little brother's little brother.

Looking into his eyes, she darted out her tongue ever so slowly, barely touching his tip and then retreated, making him growl in impatience.

"Katie…" he warned.

Katie raised an eyebrow and gave him a sickly sweet smile. Her tongue was merely millimeters away from his glistening tip, daring him to say the magic word. "Yes, Tommy?"


Tom was seething. He couldn't believe that she was making him beg for her to suck him. But that was typical of Katie, he guessed. After all, he did bite her. He couldn't expect less than this.

So, with gritted teeth, he said grudgingly, "Please."

She was clearly enjoying this. "Please, what, Tommy?"

"Please…" he started again with a sigh. "Please suck my fucking cock, you little slut. You know you want to, anyway."

Katie narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh, is that right? Then, I guess I can go clean up for dinner now…" she trailed off, letting go of his shaft.

"Okay, okay! Katie, would you please suck my little cock? Pretty, pretty please?" Tom quickly said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, that's better."

She held him in her hands again and lowered her head towards it. Tom watched, tormented, as she slowly wrapped her mouth around his dick. The sensations that hit him were unbelievable as she began to bob her head up and down along his shaft, taking as much of him as possible.

"Ahhh, Katie, yessss…" He moaned, grabbing the sheets.


Now that she had her brother under her power, she smiled in satisfaction. He tasted a little better than Mike did, not that she'll ever be likely to admit it. She looked up to see Tom's body jerk around from her administrations and he gripped her sheets tightly, his knuckles turning white.

Whenever he starting shoving himself deeper into her mouth, Katie would slow down on purpose until he learnt that she controlled the pace, not him. After alternately licking and sucking his cock for awhile, she could tell that he was close to coming from the way his body thrashed around and the look on his face. She began to suck him faster.


Tom was so damn close and as much as he loved to squirt his hot cum into her little mouth and all over her pretty face, he wanted more badly to be inside her pussy. So, he quickly reached out and grabbed her arms, pulling her upwards and onto the bed.

Katie laid there, stunned for awhile and he took the opportunity to thrust his throbbing cock into her pussy. Both of them moaned loudly; he from her wetness and tightness and she from the sudden invasion of her pussy.

"Oh god, Katie, you're so fucking tight." He gave her a moment to adjust to his size before moving in and out slowly.

Her hips moved up to meet his as he set the rhythm; slower and then faster. Her soft moans fuelled the animal inside of him as he began to drive in deeper, faster and harder. He was taking revenge now for making him beg, sliding himself almost out when she wanted him to be deep inside and then pumping into her hard.

"Touch yourself, you whore."

Amazingly, she obeyed him, one of her hands moving to cup her breasts while the other rubbing her swollen clit. He felt his orgasm hitting again, just from watching her touch herself. He began pumping faster.


She wasn't about to let her brother have the last say, although he felt damn good inside her, stroking her spot over and over again. She almost wanted to let him win this time but the lifelong sibling rivalry kicked in and made her turn him on his back again, for the second time in ten minutes.

He growled as she stopped his orgasm. Katie smirked at him, straddling his hips as she lowered herself onto him. Her plan did not work as he thrust upwards, straightaway hitting her G-spot again, eliciting a loud moan from her.

Katie used her hands to hold down his legs and to support herself as she began riding him slowly. She knew it drove him crazy as she let herself slide almost out and then slammed down again, making her breasts jiggle. He reached out to grab them, squeezing them hard every time she slid down.

Her head lolled backwards as she felt like she was going to cum again. "Ohhh…"

"Yeah, cum Kitty, cum you little pussy." Tom's hands grabbed her hips to make her move faster.


No way was he letting her cum this time, Tom thought. Not after she stopped his intense pleasure from happening.

She might be thinking that he was grabbing her hips to make her ride faster but what he had planned involved more of pulling her up, turning her around on her hands and knees and fucking her hard doggy style. And that, he did.

Katie turned her head with an 'O' formed on her lips as he pushed into her from behind and he thought he heard her whimper. He knew he couldn't last much longer as he fucked her hard, smacking her firm buttocks which was sticking out at him.

"Tom…ohhh…" Her head was turned towards him but her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

Her hips moved backwards when he moved forward; the sound of his balls slapping her behind and their moans filling the room. Katie's ass blushed a hint of red as a result of his smacking.


Katie had never been spanked on her butt before but damn, she felt really turned on by it. In this position, Tom could hit her spot at an even better angle than before and now, her desire for pleasure overtook her desire for control. For now, she was going to give in to him.

Both of them increased their pace and soon, only unintelligible mutter of curse words, moans and groans filled the room as they both reached their peak together. Her body arched and her jaws slacked as she felt waves after waves of pleasure flooded her. Tom slumped down from his kneeling position, one hand wrapped around his sister's body and the other supporting himself while the intense feeling spread from his groin to his entire body. His body jerked wildly as he felt spurts of his cum filling her tight pussy, overflowing her hole.


They didn't move from their positions as their rapid heart rate and breaths slowed down. Each was recovering from their pleasure while contemplating their recent actions.

What the fuck had they just done? In a heat of lust, they had just committed incest and the worst part was, they didn't even like each other to start with. Even from this spontaneous encounter of flesh against flesh, it was proven that they both loved to outdo one another; each wanting to be better than the other.

Realizing that they should and could never speak of it again, they entangled from each other. Katie cleaned up after herself and Tom did the same; their eyes never meeting each other's.

"Tom! Katie! Dinner!" They heard their mother call from the kitchen. Reality smacked them even harder in their face.

Her eyes finally met his and an unspoken understanding came between them. They could never be lovers, nor could they be friends. But in between the sheets, they could definitely combust together.

Tom gave an awkward smile and left his sister's room. His spur of the moment decision to give up sanity most definitely proved to be worth it, he thought. His dick hardened at the thought of being inside her again.

Katie slumped against her door, the skin on her butt still stinging from his spanking. The corners of her lips twitched a little, knowing that her brother had just let out the wildest animal in her, as she got up to change for dinner.

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