Saver Willis was the name printed neatly on the scrunched up piece of paper in the pocket of my jeans. But, who was Saver Wills? My head throbbed painfully when I even dared to think about the name on the paper. I got up brushing the sand from my clothing and arms, crawling on my hands and knees due to persistent trail of pain up my ankle. I yelled out in agony, falling to the ground with a thunderous thud.

"Are you alright? Hey, look at me girl!"

A rather rough and demanding voice asked.

I rose to my knees, shaking violently. "I'm f-fine."

My head burned with fever, my consciousness fading quickly. My vision began to form black spots that spread to every last corner of my eyes.

I awoke in a room that smelled strongly of fish and cigarettes, with a man bent over my forehead slowly blotting a cold towel to my face. He jumped grabbing a knife pressing the blade into the hollow of my neck, forcing me to lie back down.

"Who are you?" He demanded slowly digging the blade deeper into my throat.

I gulped trying to grasp the fading wisps of memory I had left. Then, it came to me.

"Saver Willis, sir"

He released his tension in his wrist holding the blade, allowing air to flow back into my mouth. "Hmm, is that so? Well Ms. Saver, why were you collapsed on the sand along the roaring Caribbean Seas?"

I tried desperately to recall any other parts of my memory, quickly breaking into a sweat. The migraines appeared once again, causing me to yell out in agonizing pain, once again. The man rushed to my side, blotting the cold towel to my forehead.

"Can you not remember a thing?"

"N-no" I replied shakily.

"Ah, I see. Well Saver, I think you should see the Healer in the morning after some rest to clear your clouded head."

"T-thank you"

He smiled, flashing sharp pointed canines directed at me. I now looked over my savior, smiling mentally. He had short closely clipped jet black spike hair, with sharp, pointed grey eyes. His long muscular torso was tanned, with a Chinese symbol tattooed behind his neck. A faint blush appeared on my cheeks, when his eyes met mine. Damn, caught red handed staring. I turned my head stubbornly directing my sole attention to the pigeon cooing on the windowsill. The man turned to me, handing a silver lined mirror in his large rough callused hands.

"Here is a mirror so you might remember you're self."

I took it in my palms, tilting it towards my face. Pale white skin looked back, the crimson hued eyes, staring back with large black circles under them. Snowy white hair the color of the waning moon at night grew long to my shoulders. I was clearly unhealthily skinny, bony elbows and knees staring back with a feeling of melancholy. I brought long soft fingers up to the corner of my left cheek, observing the silver scar still tender to my probing fingers. I groaned under my breath, as I studied the cuts and bruises wrapped in white fabric. I looked back up at the man, allowing my lips to twitch in a sad excuse for a smile.

"Thank you"

"Oh yeah, my name is Raybel but my friends' call me Ray." His lips spread in a blinding smile from cheek to cheek, but only stayed there for a couple seconds.

"Well Ray, I cannot express my gratitude at the moment, but I promise you I will make you dinner tomorrow night. Is that a deal?"

He nodded gratefully, holding out his hand to be shaken. I clasped my hand to his, shaking it sturdily.

"As long as I get to pick the meal, it's a done deal."


A faint blush appeared along his cheeks, before he quickly pulled his hand from mine. Had I done something to offend him? He leaned over the table at the side of the bed, blowing a steady stream of air for the candle's flickering flame.

"Well, we have a big day ahead of us I think it's time for bed. Good night Saver."

"Good night Ray."

He then exited the room, shutting the door. I sighed leaning back into my pillows, looking back to the window sill. The pigeon was gone now, leaving a small brown and grey feather in its place. I smiled to my self, allowing my mind to once again fall asleep.