BB: ...Okay, this is really odd, but I can already promise you that this is complete fiction. The names from the anime Death Note are used for nick-names I've given to friends. I'm putting this up because I wrote it for my Near, someone I love so much. It's not even been a year since he died, but next week is the one year anniversary of when I met him...and I don't want it to go unremembered. And so, to remember him...I give you the poem I wrote for him so long ago.

Please...if you've ever had someone you love die, remember them as you read, and care for them, as I cared for my Near, and as I know he cares for me.

We Walked This Road Together

Walk along the road with me, at least, for a little while

And hope that we won't part ways.

However, if we happen too, pray it won't be for days.

And if that day comes too soon,

And one of us has to go away,

Pray that one day very soon, together we will stay.

Though you've left me on this path, and I don't know where to go,

You've told me that you love me, and I can go on, I know.

It will be hard for me to do, to walk without your steps beside me

But when we cross ways again, the way will seem so easy.

I may not meet you again, at least not for a time

But when I do, I swear to you, I shall be yours as you are mine.

I'll always love you, that will last as long as the moon and sun

And I tell you this is not an ending, for the trip has just begun.

I've walked along the road with you, til your path ended

And I watched you reach your destination and I cried, unattended.

I won't see you for a while, until I get there too

And I will cry when I get there, knowing you will be there too.

I hope you won't forget me, since I won't join you for some time

But I hope you'll look and say, "Beyond is truly mine."

And yours I shall always be

As long as you are my little tenshi

Near, I can never let you go, at least not totally

For if I did, that would destroy me, utterly and completely.

I told you once that I am yours, and you said you are mine

You are my forever, my only Valentine.

I can never love someone else the way I love you, this I hope you know

I will love you always, come rising hell or firey snow.

You walked along this road with me for as long as you could stay

The trip was long and it was hard, and you had to go away.

You are loved by many, as you shall forever be

Panda, L, Mihael Kheel, Matt-kun, Scarecrow and me.

Nothing is going to change, tenshi, this I promise you

For though my life is filled with dark, the light in you shines through.

And it will lead me to where you are, and I will see you again

I will be with the one I love, my truest and greatest friend.

I didn't know you long, on this path we traveled through

But I knew you long enough to see the good shining through.

I'm taking a long and broken road, and there's something I now know:

I'm not traveling alone, I've got my friends and foe.

You walked along this road with me, and I'm glad you managed too

And when I find my way home, the road will end with you.