Dear Church,

Thanks for acceptting me for who I am.

Thanks for saying I'm going to burn in Hell-Because I simply drop a coin and turn around three times, counter-clock wise, say 'Thank you for letting me visit you again.', each time I leave a cemetry and for sometimes crying when I see someone with a beautifully written grave or something that touched my heart.

I least I have one that isn't stone cold and still beats.

Thanks for being kind to my face but when I turn away whisper to your kids 'To stay away.'

Thank you for telling your kids not to hold my hand while we pray-Because my hair is pink, I smile and wave.

Thank you for glaring at me as I silently cry while I say my prayer requests and cross both fingers-Hoping God is listening. Thanks for making me feel like he won't ever listen to me.

Thank you for telling me to be quiet while I whisper my own prayers, talk during dinner, and run around chasing your kids who are laughing and enjoying the game that you've never taught them. The simple game called 'Chase.'

Thank you for making me feel stupid and 'un-worthy' of God's love when you call on me to answer a question about the Bible, that you know I don't know. I'm sorry, I didn't know God wouldn't love me if I didn't memorize the entire Bible front to back.

Thank you so much for not getting mad at Kolton when he purposely threw the football at Cheyanne's back while we were holding hands-Just because two girls hug and kiss each other on the cheek or ontop of the head does not mean we're a couple. But thanks for pointing it out to your kids to, yet again, stay away-Because you don't want them to 'catch' what I 'have'. Which would be called love and a great friend.

Thank you for telling me, that even though I'm only thirteen, how I should already know whether or not I'm going to Hell or Heaven. Then when you asked me if I knew and I said: "I don't believe in Hell-God loves everyone doesn't he?" And you glared angerily. Thank you for making me extrememly uncomfortable because of my belief.

Thank you so much for asking me why I wear Saint Jude around my neck-And asking if it was like dropping a coin at a cemetary. Which it isnt, Saint Jude is my savior. He keeps me going day by day. Thank you for ripping his comfort away.

Thank you for getting mad at Josh when he picked me up from behind and spun me around-Shocking me so I screamed. Thank you for getting mad when I jumped on his back for pay-back, knocking him to the ground. Thanks for taking my fun away.

Thanks for not hugging me like the elders, kids, teenagers, and most adults do. Good way to set an example for your children about acceptting everyone no matter what they look like; sound like; act like; ec certa.

Thank you for getting mad at me because I snuck your little kid a chocolate chip cookie with a wink, smile, and a finger to my lips. Because it was our little secret. That you ruined by taking it away and saying they had to finish their dinner first.

Thank you for getting mad at me accidently letting the word 'crap' slip from my lips when I spilt my lemonade all over the table and laughing while I cleaned it up-But not getting mad at the boys who were going to see who could piss highest on the tree.

Thank you for telling me to 'hush' while I comforted Marissa as she cried into my arms because she was having a bad day and no one would listen to her. I'm sorry for trying to be a good friend and help her through some rough times at home. Next time-I'll remember to be heartless and let her cry alone in a blue plastic chair, with make-up streaming down her face, and not take her out of the Youth Room into the bathroom to help her clean up and calm down.

Thank you for acceptting me with open arms-As I was told you would by all my friends.

I guess acceppting someone is different for you.



P.S: I always sign my letter with 'Love'. Don't take it to your stone cold heart and think that I really love you.