Chapter one

"It is time." The soft whisper rang in my head as I sat edgily on the cold stone floor of the dark dungeon. I looked warily at the old, rusting door of the only exit as I could hear the clink clank of metal keys one of the royal guards were carrying several floors up. My pine green eyes seemed to glow in the darkness in which they became so used to.

That was all I needed to know and I shifted, pushing my long black matted hair back as I let the withheld rage swirl around me, allowing my frail wings to pull in as I flinched as I heard the master's voice ringing from the rose garden, as he shouted at the servants.

Unleashing it, the cell bars slammed with a loud clatter, against the walls as I shakily arose and walked past the rotten food, laced with a strong poison, which had spoiled a few days ago.

My fingers touched the rusting door, the music in my ears growing more and more urgent as the master got closer to the entrance to the castle.

I let out a slither of rage loose and watched with a small pang of enjoyment as it burned in the flames allowing me to escape into the narrow hallway, leading to the library, the only escape route.

I rushed forward, my eyes tearing up as the unusual light hit them. Blindly I ran, stumbling, into the room, stopping as I was floored by the magnificent books that lined the high walls. As I reached the exit the music spoke softly, "Wait, there is something here rightfully yours."

Puzzled I stopped as three large boxes flew towards me. Blinking I dimly saw my name engraved elegantly on the boxes and watched as the scar on my lower left arm shift as the boxes vanished inside, as if it was a seal. I ran from the library through several hallways as I found myself staring into the eyes of a calm guard.

I paused briefly to look into his luminous red eyes and I knew who he was. Wrapping my arms around him, I pressed my lips against his own whispering, "Forgive me my love, they must not know."

He smiled down at me and I aimed a hard kick to his head, knocking him out before racing on, reaching the intricate marble staircase leading to the entrance hall just as I saw the large limestone doors open and the master entered.

He glanced up and his green eyes, a shade lighter than plain green, turned wide with fear as he paled.

I gave a smile of malice and also slightly secretive as I told him, "You thought you could keep me locked up. You were the longest to do so, dearest grandfather, but not even you could keep me."

He moved towards me as I let loose the storm of emotions that had been held in for so long, watching in a sense of accomplishment as the elements formed into people of raw elements as they held him back as I slipped through the doors and soared into the sky, allowing the music o lead me to my gang/family, the Ancient Silence. As I grew closer I began to loose altitude, feeling the weakness settle in from three years of imprisonment.

I landed with a soft thump as my two second in commands fun forward, their eyes full of concern as all of the gang turned and I could hear the almost 100 voices of my family shouting both in joy and concern, "Alexis!!!!"