Chapter One:

Walking down the alleyway, Maria noticed that the four men in black coats were chasing after her. She quickly picked up her pace until she was at a dead sprint. She got to the end of the alley to find that it was a dead end. She looked around frantically and tried to scream. The men had cornered her like lions attacking a gazelle. One of the men pulled out a gun, and she knew this was the end. She was too young to die. She was only in college, student teaching at Robert Lee High School. She had an eight-week-old daughter. What would happen to Jennifer when her mother died? Maria had no family-Jennie would be put up for adoption. She barely had a chance to think until the men were right in front of her. That one man still had his gun pointed at her, so she didn't dare try to run. She just sank to the ground and started to sob silently.

"We are a terrorist group. Tomorrow we will explode the United States. You will be the first to die for our cause. You will go down in history, Maria. Just like you always wanted. You should be proud."

"Justin? What are you doing? You're my brother! Why are you doing this to me?"

"You're our target. The whole world is our target. We just can't let you live."

"Why are you doing this?"

"You would never understand. No one could."

"Are you just going to chat all day, or kill her? If you don't, I will."

"Be patient, Max. I'm getting there."

"Just move over." The man, Max, pushed Justin out of the way and made his way toward Maria slowly, knowing it was torture for her. "Now, there is one thing I can say before I kill you. You may choose seven people that will be moved out of the United States before the attack. They will be moved to Ileana, a secret island off the coast of Georgia. You can choose yourself." Maria thought for a moment before she answered.

Whom should she save? There were so many people…She could choose Jennie…Yes, She would choose Jennie. Now, she would have to choose six people that could start a new country together when the country was destroyed…She thought of the teacher she helped at Robert Lee High, Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy. Elizabeth would be an amazing leader, and she could hold the group together. Five more people. Elizabeth had always loved another teacher at Robert Lee High, Mr. James Davia. Four more people. She would have to save Anthony Curtis. Although she would never admit it, even through Elizabeth's relentless teasing and prodding, she really did love him. Now, she wished she had told him before, since seeing him again was extremely unlikely. She would also save her sister, Gina. Two more people. Maria could only save two more people. She would save her best friend. Alison Reagan. One more person. Only one more. How could she pick only one more person? It would have to be Virginia Gray, her favorite student. Now what would happen?

"I have my seven people. Their names are Jennie Lee, Elizabeth Kennedy, James Davia, Anthony Curtis, Gina Lee, Alison Reagan, and Virginia Gray."