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Chapter 7

Tammy dropped her lunch tray down next to me, nearly giving me a heart attack. Since I came back home and locked myself in my room I have been really out of wack. All I want to do is draw and just get lost in my own world but that seems to be impossible in school. Besides Kathleen and Violet, who both seem to be on the same Anti-Scarlet team, everyone else choices today out of all days to bother me. Everyone from kids I never talk to, to teachers who piss me off decide to today of all days they want to be friendly. When I am in the worst possible mood. Its only my luck.

And now Tammy was here just to take me to a new level of annoyance. She pushed my art aside and slipped down next to me. "Hey Scarlet, where is everyone?" She asked as she took the bun off her spicy chicken patty. Grabbing about ten ketchup, she ripped them open and poured them on her chicken. It was kind of disgusting seeing that all this was horrible school food. My own sandwich I had brought home.

"I don't know." I mumbled, playing with the lettuce that escaped from my sandwich.

"But I have something really important to show everyone. Like I am about to explode with excitement." Tammy gray eyes were wide and she looked around the lunchroom for someone with such urgency it got me nervous. What could she possibly be so thrilled about it?

"What is it Tammy?" I asked, pulling my drawings away from Tammy's ketchup lunch. God knew if she got a drop of it on my dark swirls that were becoming more and more mysterious even to me I would freak.

Tammy didn't answer me. She pushed her glasses up her nose then jumped out the chair. She ran towards a group of cheerleaders that were walking into the cafeteria like they had stepped on a red carpet and was outshining all the rest. She grabbed the one in the back who was talking to some pretty girl who had a nasty pinched look in her face. The girl Tammy held onto was no other then Kathleen. The person who at this moment couldn't even bare to look at me without her lip sticking out into a pout.

She dragged Kathleen over to me, shoving her into the seat against her will. Kathleen looked at me quickly then turned away, eyeing the drawing I had made that laid flat on the lunch table. I said nothing, all I did was pick at my sandwich. Tammy wasn't done though, she moved fast. Rushing over to Violet's table. They were enjoying there lunch the way they always did every day minus Jamie who still hasn't come back yet. Sadly, Tammy was going to disturb there peace.

She tried to pull Violet away like she had with Kathleen but it wasn't as easy. The girls exchanged a few heated words and I could see Violet's face turning the same color as her hair. It was clear these girls did not particularly like each other. Yesterday when we were in the forest they were not to friendly more on Violet's part, so what did Tammy want? And why she leave me alone with Kathleen?

She just sat there, staring at Tammy as she fiddled with her almost white hair. I went on eating, pretending she wasn't there but it was hard to with the tension that was building up. Damn. Only me.

"You know." She finally said as Tammy and Violet still argued. "I'm not angry. In fact I'm so ashamed for what I said. I'm sorry." I was thrown back. I said much more terrible things then she did. Yes she started it but I took it to a level that should never be crossed. I should be the one apologizing, not her. In fact as soon as I came home from the bus stop yesterday I should of marched to her room and do so instead of crawling under my blanket and crying myself to sleep. I really could not believe what a horrible person I was.

I was about to say something, anything really but Tammy and Violet caught my attention. Tammy had stop yelling and had leaned closer to Violet's ear. She whispered something but that was not what caught my eye. No it was Violet's reaction. The moment she whispered something Violet turned around sharply and covered her mouth with her hands, her face draining of color. She slide out of her chair and mumbled something to her friends. This time Tammy did get to drag her to us.

Violet sat next to me but barely seemed to register that I was there. She stared at her hands as if they held all the answers to the question that had been planted in her head from whatever Tammy had said.

"Why did you force us here?" Kathleen asked, her icy blue eyes struggling to remain calm. Violet snorted lightly.

Tammy squeezed between me and Violet, reaching for her bag she left on the table. She dropped it in front of her, unzipping it slowly. "So you know how yesterday at the forest we reading that Dreamland Latin book? Well for some reason last night I couldn't stop thinking about it and that amulet it said that the daughter of the chosen one needed to have to open the door to unleash the world of dreams. So me and my sister Ella went to that antique store Katie here told us about and we found it!"

She shoved her hand in her bag and pulled out the most dazzling piece of jewelry I ever laid my eyes on. It looked like it belonged in some museum in a glass box with lights shinning on it as a tour guide gave a long history about the many royalties who have worn it. It was that beautiful. The diamond was a deep, almost liquidity blood red that shinned like the sun. It was haunting and unique. The smaller diamonds that framed it only brighten the middle stone. I could barely remove my eyes from it. The blood was rushing in my ears making everything else seem to fade away.

Tammy placed the amulet gently on the school table, the beauty seeming out of place surrounded by trays of uneatable lunches and books. Kathleen reached out to touch it but just as she hovered over it she pulled right back, like it burned her some how. "That's not how it looked when Mom pulled it off the shelf." She whispered.

"How much was it?" Violet manage to say, still looking angry but memorized by the jewelry. There was something…sinister about the way she stared at the blood red diamond. Like she wanted to rip it away from Tammy and run away, never to share its secrets with us.

"Like 60 bucks." Tammy said, rubbing her pocket where she kept her wallet. "Its so light."

Kathleen laughed weakly but her eyes locked with the diamond. Could they all feel the pull it had. Could they all here the secrets it seemed to whisper in my ear. Whisper of dreams that could never be mine in this world. "I thought you weren't going to mess with this?" I whispered, sitting on my hands so I wouldn't be tempted to touch it.

"Well I lied. I am just so fascinated with it. Its like a huge mystery. A world where everything you can dream of can come true? Sign me up for the whole summer." Tammy's glasses were on the brink of falling but she too could not focus on anything but the diamond. "Besides it not real. And if it was then we would still need to find the chosen ones daughter and god know where we could find on."

"I got an idea." Violet said, smiling wickedly at all of us. I shuddered slightly and wonder what her problem was. "Let's pass it around. If we are one of the chosen one then we would feel it right?"

Tammy seemed to conceder the idea, a smile slowly forming on her lips. "That's actually a fine idea." Tammy touched the bare diamond with her finger gently, by the way her face fell I knew she felt nothing while touching it. She quickly passed it to Kathleen who looked petrified to take hold of the amulet.

"No way." She said, pushing Tammy's hand away from her. You think it was a snake and not a piece of pretty jewelry. Kathleen looked disgusted.

"Come on Kat. Just hold the thing and pass it on. The odds of us being the chosen one is about one in a million." Tammy said, trying to be as patient as she could be which was saying something. From all the time I have known Tammy I have figured out that her patience was as thin as needle. She grabbed Kathleen's arm forcibly and pushed the diamond into her tiny hand. Kathleen let out a tiny scream and would of dropped the amulet if it wasn't for the fact that Tammy still had a hold of her hand.

Besides the over dramatic scream nothing else happened. In fact in Kathleen's hands it seemed to lose the wonder of it, it no longer looked like the key to all life's mysteries. No it looked like a pretty necklace you would find in your grandma's jewelry box. Kathleen looked relieved but Tammy seemed beyond frustrated. She ripped the necklace away from Kathleen and flung it towards Violet.

Violet closed her fist around the red gem in a hungry way. She closed her eyes as if she was feeling something that no one else could. She hung her head low and slowly opened her hand up. It was her. Violet must be the chosen one. With that look on her face and the eyes closed. She unlocked something impossible.

But then Violet opened her eyes.

She opened her hand all the way and stared at the amulet confused. Something was very wrong. Violet was muttering under her breath and was looking angry as can be. In fact Violet looked like she was about to fling the necklace across the lunchroom. "What the…." She said loudly. "This can't be. I am them the chosen one, they told me so. I am the Electa."

Tammy took the gem out of Violet's hands, rolling her eyes. "Relax Violet. This place isn't even real but for the hell of it here Summer, you try."

The gem was in front of me and I completely froze. Everyone else did and they were fine, they didn't burst into flames. So why was I so worried. I honestly could not be as scared as Kathleen. I always thought I was stronger then her yet here I was worried out of my mind and refusing to touch something I had seen as only a piece of jewelry.

Everyone looked at me in confusion. They clearly also didn't think I was capable of fear. "Don't tell me I have to shove it in your hand to." Tammy said, becoming more irritated.

"No, I am not 3 you know." I said, hoping Kathleen would not be offended by my insult. I stuck my palm out towards Tammy, waiting for her to hand over the necklace that somehow dragged fear out of me. Tammy smiled, dropping the necklace carefully into my hand. At first nothing happened. I felt nothing, besides the weight of the necklace and the coldness of it against my skin. I wonder if everyone else felt this nothingness when they touched it too. Relief spread through me. It was nothing but a piece of jewelry, nothing at all.

I smiled, touching the blood red diamond with my index finger. That is when everything changed. The diamond seemed to brighten in my hand, no longer looking like a dim necklace. But that was nothing compared to how I felt. I felt like my blood had been electrified, becoming charged with amazing strength. I felt dizzy and sick but at the same time a wonderful feeling. Like when I felt that touch though no one was there.

My breath became quicker and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The sound of a low, strong laughter filled my ears and the smell of flowers filled my nose. It wasn't before long that I started actually seeing things in my terror.

My vision blurred and I could feel myself slipping into another place. I was no longer in the loud cafeteria but in a dark tunnel. Soon I felt like I was there and not in my seat which I knew I was. Reality and the dream were becoming one.

It was blazing hot in the tunnel and I could feel sweat slipping down my forehead. I wiped it with the back of my hand, breathing heavily. The tunnel was pitch black and I could barely see my hands in front of me. But there was a soft orange light behind me and it was enough to see some things. Like the filing cabinets that lined the dirty walls. The cabinets were marked with different dates starting from 1940s all the way to 1991. There was a large door on the other side of the filing cabinet that said drama supplies.

Turning back to the tunnel I could make out nothing but the dirt. It was cooler further in the tunnel but something kept me from going in it. Something evil was in the tunnel watching me. Fear raced through my body and I wanted to scream but I remained silent. Watching for something I could never imagine.

The only thing cold about this boiling room was something against my neck. It was colder then the first snow of the year and made my neck hurt with its weight. I faced slightly towards the light and was horrified to see the necklace that send me here on my neck. I let out a scream but no sound came out.

I could feel rare fear like no other, tears started threaten to show my weakness. I never felt so scared in my life. Then things got worse. In the dark tunnel a pair of golden eyes appeared out of nowhere. Brighter then the sun. They shone so brightly that I had to cover my eyes with my hand. The eyes were fixed on the amulet that was pressed against my warm skin.

"Scarlet Summer." A voice that I assumed belonged to the eyes, ringed through the tunnel and send a blast of icy winds in my direction. I remained in my spot but I longed to run as far from this place. "You found the Apertor. Come to this place, learn what you can, find me. Find me!"

I watched with horror as my hand started to fade and become transparent. I could see the dirt floor through them. With a sick feeling I realized it wasn't just my hands but it was my whole body that was turning invisible.

"Find me." The golden eyes whispered.

The vision broke and I found myself sitting in the cafeteria, surrounded by my friends who looked like they were worried sick. There eyes were clouded over with the same anxious expression and I could see Kathleen was on the verge of some heavy tears. A pain shot through my hand and I unclenched my hand quickly, hissing at the pain. Without even realizing I had been holding the diamond with all my might till it had cut my palm to bits. The blood leaked onto the diamond which seemed to glow even more brighter. I flung the hated amulet onto the table and pushed my chair back.

Grabbing my bag and notepad off the table, I headed out the lunchroom without looking back. What happened had pushed me over the edge and I needed desperately to be alone. "SCARLET!!!!" I heard someone scream. I wasn't sure if it was Tammy, Kathleen or Violet. Since Violet never cared about me before and Tammy always called me Summer I was guessing it was Kathleen but I wasn't going to turn around. Not even for her.

Kicking the lunchroom door open, I stormed out and headed directly to the nearest girls bathroom. Wanting the privacy all to myself, but of course I would crash into the person I would rather not see. Why was it that every time I was down Logan seemed to be in the front row watching my failures. I thought if I smiled sweetly at him and made a quick but brief hello that it would be enough but sadly that was not the case.

Logan notices everything. "Hey Scar where you running off to?" Logan asked, stopping right in front of me as if his soul purpose right not was to keep me from going to the bathroom where I could cry in peace. I closed my injured hand and shoved it into my pocket. If Logan saw it he would rush me to the nurses office without a second thought.

"Bathroom." I said, weakly pointing to the door that held my escape.

Logan pushed his fingers through his blond hair, looking so boyish and cute it was unbelievable. I wonder how he look if he touched a simple piece of jewelry which transported him to some creepy tunnel filled with golden eyes. He wouldn't look so cute then. "Oh. Well after you take care of that would you like to go out for lunch. You can invite all your friends, I'm cool with that."

I was starting to become impatient. I let out a heavy sign, the pain in my hand was becoming unbearable. "Sorry, I already bought my lunch." I said, trying to step around Logan. He grabbed hold my shoulder gently in a way that I had to admit, made me melt a little.

"Hey are you alright your acting pretty funny." He said, his fingers warm against my cold body. I pulled out of his hold, wanting space between us. Hell I be happy with an ocean and few countries worth of spaces between us.

"I'm fine." I mumbled under my breath, ignoring his hurt puppy dog eyes. "I just have to go to the bathroom. Go hang out with Kathleen or something." With that said I finally managed to get away from Logan. He looked surprised and a little disappointment but right not I could not bring myself to care. There was just so much bigger things that troubled me more then Logan's delicate feelings and my own towards his.

I pushed open the girls' bathroom door, feeling instantly relived that I was finally alone. Checking the stalls, I made sure there was no girl hanging around. When I saw that I was completely alone I locked the door, dropped my bag to the floor and grabbed the side of the sinks so I wouldn't fall to the floor sobbing. The vision that overtook was replaying in my head over and over again. Why me? I have been through so much this last couple of years. My life was already as messed up as it could get and now this? Now something I couldn't explain was happening. I was seeing things when I touched necklaces. I was being slipped notes from invisible hands that send a cold yet warm chill through out my body. I was hearing screams from people who were clearly unable to be speaking. I was seeing shadows and freaking out more then usual. To be quiet honest since I got to this place I've been nothing but a freak show, clearly losing my mind. No wonder Kathleen thought I was responsible somehow for all the weird things going on. Since I got here everything was going down hill.

Especially considering what happened to Mom. Thinking about Mom made my throat chock up and I had to swallow to try to remove the pain it had caused. As much as I loved Mother and as much as I thought she was the kindest lady out there, there was still no denying her bizarre behavior. Her death itself had been such a strange one and her last few years she was deemed unstable and crazy. But she wasn't. She couldn't be if I was showing the same signs she was of insanity.

Thoughts of Mom stopped when I remembered the pain in my hand. It was becoming almost unbearable, like it was angry somehow that I had forgotten it while thinking about a much more painful injury I had, one in my heart.

I turned on the cold water and slipped my hand under it, letting the water clear out all the germs and blood from my disgusting hand. I scrubbed it lightly but mostly just let my hand soaked since I didn't know what else I really should do. I wasn't a doctor. While I waited for the water to clean my cut I could not help but look myself in the mirror.

I really had become a sorry sight. There was once in my life when I cared about how I look. I would never be caught dead in what I wore now and how I let myself go. My black hair hung loosely around my shoulders, looking strange against my snow white skin. It was like someone had thrown black dirt onto soft snow, ruining its beauty it had once had. My black as midnight hair and porcelain skin was not the only thing wrong. My lips were a pale pink that was chapped and my there was not a trace of make up on my face. I had on a baggy gray sweater that I got from an amusement park and a simple pair of jeans with sneakers. My blue eyes were dim and red with the struggle I had. A struggle between me and the tears.

I wanted to explode. Let all my frustration, sadness, confusion, anger and pain out. It was to much to hold in, there was only so much silence a person could deal with without completely snapping. But I refuse. I knew if I let myself cry I never seen the end of it.

There was a sudden banging sound of someone trying to open the door and for a moment I was afraid. Maybe it was the golden eyed creature from the tunnels in my vision? Slowly, my senses returned to me. It was probably just some girl who had to use the bathroom and come to realize that the door was locked.

"Scarlet!" That was not just some random girl who had to pee. It was Kathleen. No way in hell was I letting her come in here. All I could think about was the vision and how sick I was feeling about the whole horrible ordeal. I turned off the water, reaching for paper towels to clean my cut. I ignored Kathleen entirely.

"Summer we know your in there." Tammy shouted over the door as well. "Logan told us he saw you come in here."

"Yeah so you might as well open it up." Violet said, sounding pissed off. I was taken back by the fact that Violet had come to check on me. Since the whole forest problem she barely looked at me let alone be worried that I locked myself in a bathroom. She clearly had an alter motive behind those purple eyes of hers.

"Scarlet I know your upset." Kathleen said in such a sweet voice I had to force myself not to move from the very spot I was in. "But you don't have to worry about anything. No one is judging you or anything. Its not a big deal just we have to know what you saw."

"Yeah, this coming from the girl that holds me accountable for everything happening here." I shouted over the door, leaning against the sink, unable to hold up my own weight.

I could hear Tammy mumble something to Kathleen but could not make out the words. She was probably calling her stupid or something. From the giggle coming from Violet I was sure it was nothing positive. "Look Scar, I was just scared!" Kathleen shouted. "I honestly don't think its your fault. Hell you're my cousin. We're blood."

"What Kathleen said was undeniably wrong but come on Summer. You know she is a little bit on the slow side. Can you just let me in so we can talk about what's important."

They were just using me. Using me for something they obviously didn't have the capably of having. They wanted to see the images I did, they all had a reason for it. I looked in the mirror one more time, searching for features that belonged to my mother. They all did. There was not a trace of my dad there. The thought made a lump in my throat appear and I wondered what would Mom do? Would she let them in or stand her ground.

"If you don't open this door up I will break it down." Violet said, in a dead voice. This girl was so hot and cold. One minute she's really nice and the next she is threaten to break doors down and whispering about things attacking her. What changed? What happened in the woods that turned her into this unfeeling witch?

"Ignore her." Tammy said, her voice dropping into a soft, almost miserable tone of voice. "Summer I really need to know what you saw. I need to see if what happened in the woods was real. I need it for Ella."

At the sound of Tammy's sick sisters name I felt all the walls I ever had, and I had a lot of them, crumple. There was something about Ella though I never meet her. Maybe it was because she was sick or maybe it was because I knew Mom would have done something but whatever the reason I knew one thing was for certain, I cared about that little girl. She made my silence almost feel silly compared to what she was going through.

"Ella?" I asked, biting my lip so hard that I could taste the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.

"Yes. For Ella. She wanted me to make up a story and I told her bits of what I knew about Dreamland." Tammy said so quietly I had to lean my ear against the door to hear her clearly. "She was so interested. A world where all your dreams came true was a promise land to her. I have to know if this place is real and how this story would end for her."

I unlocked the door and held it open slightly. I could see Kathleen holding Tammy's skinny arm and Violet looking at her with sympathetic look. Tammy herself looked down at the floor, her short brown hair manage to cover her eyes. It was probably the only time since I meet her that she looked so defeated. I reached out and touched her hand gently, something I had not done since before Mom. "For Ella." I whispered, then pulled Tammy inside the bathroom. Violet and Kathleen followed, Violet locking the door behind her.

Tammy leaned against the bathroom wall while the other girls sat on the sinks, all eyes on me. "So." Violet said, playing with a lock of red hair. "Tell us what you saw."

I took a deep breath then jumped into the horrific story. It was the first the time I had spoken so many words and I was not use to it. Every time I opened my mouth to tell more I had to fight the urge to close my lips and refuse to speak. Besides the fact I was talking so much I was also talking about something that terrified me. Telling t was like reliving it in the way. I could already feel the unbearable heat from the tunnels and see the weird filing cabinets. The girls listened to every word. Tammy nodded her head along with my words, Kathleen swung her legs back and forth in a nervous way and Violet leaned forwarded, as if doing so she would not miss a word.

When I came to the end everyone remained silent. They soaked up the reality of the situation. What we were messing with was no longer a harmless little myth from the past. No we were messing with something beyond our control and knowledge. Our brains were telling us it was a lie, all of it. There was an answer for everything but we all knew the truth that this was real.

"So, that would make you the chosen one then." Kathleen manage to say through numb lips. Her icy blue eyes meet mine and I could not help but notice that our eyes were the only thing similar to each other. The only thing that showed we were related.

The thought of being a chosen one made me so sick that I jumped off the sink I sat on and rushed to the bathroom stall, puking my guts into the nasty toilet. I could hear the disgust from the others but could careless. They weren't curse.

"Scar before you puke all the contents of your stomach out you should probably know something." Violet said, her converse shoes visible from under the stall door. "Your not the chosen one."

I stop my violent vomiting to listen to what she was saying. I'm not? I was normal? Oh please dear God let me be normal. "She's not?" Tammy asked.

"Nope." Violet said smugly. "If anyone would remember correctly only the daughter of the chosen one an open the world with the amulet."

I felt my stomach give another nasty squeeze, producing more of my lunch in the bowl. So she was saying my Mom who went crazy was the chosen one. Great. Much better. "If the daughter is the only one who could open it then whats the point of being chosen?" Tammy asked, ignoring my weak stomach.

"Well for one the chosen one gives birth to the key which is always an upside and you get all these cool powers. They say the chosen one in the Dreamland could actually take the powers with them whenever they leave." Violet said as her eyes widen with joy. I felt more puke fill my throat and I had no choice but to let it come out. "They also say that the chosen one could become the queen of that world if the current queen would be alright with it."

The bathroom was filled wit silence and I could practically cut through the tenseness that had taken place of my sickness. I flushed the toilet then opened the stall door slight. I could see Kathleen and Tammy staring at Violet with the look of shock. Violet crossed her arms, looking as annoyed as possible but still confusing. "What!" She shouted.

"How do you know that stuff?" Tammy asked, but she clearly didn't like the way that came out so she just shock her head and kept talking. "I mean who is they? The people telling you this?"

Violet rolled her eyes and walked over to the mirror. She adjusted her beautiful hair, not meeting any of our confused look. She clearly was buying time but right now no one was taking her crap. Even Kathleen looked like she wanted answers by the way she had her delicate little hands on her hips.

"They are no one at all." Violet finally said, smearing her lip gloss with her pinky to get an even coat. She never came across as a shallow girl yet her she was, being more of a snob then the blond cheerleader. "I was referring to the book. I translated a lot of it using a book I bought."

There was pounding on the girls bathroom door and the sound of high pitch voices complaining filled my ears. "Come on!" someone had shouted. I could do nothing but smile at how ridicules this all was. Locking myself in a public bathroom in a school filled with annoying brats maybe one of the worst ideas I have had today. I turned the water on and brushed my teeth with my finger, trying to get rid of the horrible taste. When that was done I picked up my bag and threw it over my shoulder, meeting every one of my friends curious looks.

"We can't stay here all day." I mumbled, going to unlock the door.

Kathleen was the first to snap out of it. She jumped off the sink, plastering on a cheerleading worth smile. "Right." She said. "But please promise no more talk about this funky stuff."

Violet nodded her head in agreement but Tammy only gave us all a stormy look. If anyone was more hell bend on finding out what was going on it was Tammy and I was starting to wonder why. There had to be more then mere curiosity.

The moment I opened the door a sea of equally annoyed girls rushed into it, some going straight to the stalls the others going to the mirrors. They all shot us dirty looks as they passed by us as if they were willing us to feel insulted by looking at us with hate. I just rolled my eyes and pushed through the crowd to get out the bathroom. I really just wanted to be away from the girls for a minute. The problem I found myself in was becoming increasingly scary. The thought of this world only made everything change. If this world was real then what made witches and vampires not?

A chill ran down my spine and again I tried to escape people by running to my next period class. A hand slide around my arm and pulled me back, a scream tearing from my throat. "Let go of me!" I screamed, thinking about the hand in my room.

Of course it would be just Logan. He always seemed to find me in the worse possible moments. His brown eyes were wide with worry and he quickly let go of my arm. "Sorry if I scared you. I called your name but you weren't listening. Are you ok? Did Kathleen find you?"

"Yeah thanks for rating me out." I said, storming away from him. He ran to catch up with me but I already had slipped into my history class and at that point Logan was going to be late to his next period. Giving me a helpless wave he walked away and left me to slouch in my history class, thinking about all the horrors that were coming true.